6 Reason Why You Should Become a Twitch Affiliate

After countless hours spent on live streaming on Twitch, you received an email from Twitch. Yay, Twitch invited you to join their Twitch Affiliate. But should you join them?

Should you become a Twitch Affiliate?

Twitch Affiliate is the status given by Twitch to streamers that pass the Path to Affiliate achievement. Becoming Twitch Affiliate is not easy. Many streamers asking themselves should they grind and join the Twitch Affiliate program?

In this article, we explain 6 reasons why it’s worth it to pursue and join the Twitch Affiliate program

6 Reason Why You Should Join the Twitch Affiliate Program

1.  You Can Start Earning Money on Twitch

Only by joining the Twitch Affiliate program can Twitch streamers start making money from their channel. It will enable monetization on your Twitch channel, just like how YouTubers need to get accepted by Google Adsense first.

So, if you want to make streaming your job instead of only a hobby and stop envying YouTube content creators, you need to become Twitch Affiliate first.

Twitch Streamers can earn money from subscriptions, ads, bits, and donation

While how much you will make as Twitch Affiliate depend on how much the views and subscription you have on your channel, it’s important to know that you will receive 50% payment cut as Twitch Affiliate

2. You can grow your Twitch Channel by being a Twitch Affiliate

Many benefits that came from the Twitch affiliate program can help to grow your Twitch channel. You might not believe it, but having a subscriber can get you more viewers in the future

Subscription will bring perks to your channel subscriber.  The most important perk is channel emotes, which can promote your channel if your subscribers use them elsewhere

Imagine if your subscriber uses your channel emotes on other streamer’s channels. This is basically a free promotion that is allowed on Twitch. So make sure that your channel emotes unique and attractive to use

Besides the benefit of giving perks, it will make your viewer keep watching your channel. Because the viewer already pays the subscription, they will subconsciously keep watching your stream. This is the psychological phenomenon of Sunk Cost Fallacy where we don’t give up something that already we spent on

We will use a popular Twitch streamer to prove this theory. Sykkuno is a popular example of a Twitch streamer that grew faster when he has more subscribers on his channel

Sykkuno subscriber count
Image captured from Twitch Tracker

Sykkuno rose in popularity by playing Among us with OfflineTV members. After Among Us hype went down, his channel remains popular on Twitch.

Besides having a great personality, Sykkuno success also came from how he keeps thanking the subscription and subs gift no matter how small it is, compared to other Twitch streamers that block the subscription notification if the earning is below a certain threshold

Even If you give only one subscription on the Sykkuno channel, he will still thank it. Sykkuno’s fans keep subscribing and gift subscriptions which make his channel keep popular

Of course, Sykkuno is a Twitch Partner, but you can’t deny how important subscriptions are, right? And without achieving affiliate first, will he reach the current height on Twitch?

3. You can Have a private Discord Server for your Twitch channel

Connect Twitch to Discord

With a private discord server, Twitch streamers can interact with their subscriber on Discord. You just need to link your Twitch account to Discord, create a new Discord server then link the server to your Twitch channel.

I have already created a detailed guide on How to link your Twitch channel to Discord

The deep integration from Twitch and Discord allows you to use sub badge and channel emotes on Discord. And this feature is only available to Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner.

4. You will get better support assistance from Twitch

Sometimes as a Twitch streamer, you will face issues and problems on your Twitch account. Be it a bug when you stream on Twitch, a deleted video without a DMCA notice, and account suspension, there are times when contacting the Twitch support team is the right choice

Twitch Affiliates usually have higher support priority than regular streamers. So you can get faster and better help when needed. Of course, Twitch Partner will get the highest support priority on Twitch.

For example, Twitch keeps accidentally ban xQc’s channel and then rescinded the ban in just a few hours. Twitch won’t give this treatment to a normal streamer on Twitch

5. You can control advertisement on your Twitch channel

With the right to control advertisements on your Twitch channel, you can eliminate the ads on your Twitch channel.

Even though some ads are still obligated to run, but you can heavily minimize the ads on Twitch if you don’t want your viewers to watch ads on your channel

Many Twitch streamers don’t give advertisements to their viewer, even for the non-subscribers. Advertisement can disrupt the streaming experience of Twitch users. One of the examples is Sykkuno which rarely runs ads, even on his bathroom break.

6. You can start Pursuing Twitch Partnership Program

This is the obvious reason. You can only pursue Twitch Partner status only after you had become Twitch Affiliate. If you want to enjoy the benefit of Partnership on Twitch, then you must join Twitch affiliate first

Of course, there is an exception. Streamers that moved from YouTube or Facebook Gaming can get a private partnership contract from Twitch, so they can leap ahead and join the Partnership program without being Twitch Affiliate first.

This is a common practice in the live streaming industry, so there is no need to envy those streamers because they had already a big viewer base before moving to Twitch

What are the disadvantages of becoming a Twitch Affiliate

As a Twitch Affiliate, you can’t live-stream your content simultaneously on other similar platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Twitch Affiliate also needs to comply with the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, restricting what you can do and stream on Twitch.

There are many misunderstandings on the rules on Twitch Affiliate agreement out there

You can still live stream on YouTube and Facebook Gaming as Twitch Affiliate


  1. You can’t do streaming on multiple platforms at the same time
  2. The content on YouTube must be after 1 day the stream ended
  3. You can still live stream on Facebook Gaming, as long the content of the stream is different than on Twitch

For example, Facebook Gaming streamer Disguised Toast will stream on Twitch when he wanted to do a Q&A session. It’s still allowed. Unless you’re a streaming star-like xQc, Twitch won’t restrict you to stream on another platform, as long you comply with the rule

Should You Join Twitch Affiliate Program?

Twitch Affiliate is worth joining if you’re planning to make a career from streaming on Twitch. As Twitch Affiliate, you can gain countless benefits that separate you from the average streamer on Twitch. You can earn money from streaming as Twitch Affiliate.

The only reason why you shouldn’t join the Twitch Affiliate program is if you want to stream on other competitive platformssimultaneously.

But you don’t need to worry about this, because almost nobody multi-stream their content on multiple live stream platform.

Because it’s too hard to manage more than one community, and it will be a waste of time. It’s better if you’re focusing on one platform, whether you choose Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube

And you can still upload your stream content on YouTube and TikTok after 1 day, so the cons of joining Twitch Affiliate is not really that big a deal.

If you decided to become a Twitch Affiliate, it wouldn’t be an easy journey. Check out our guide on How to Quickly Become a Twitch Affiliate to make it easier

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