Why Do People Hate Vtubers So Much?

Many people like to watch Vtubers, but more people seem to hate them

Ash on LoL Stream using virtual avatar

On the internet, it’s common for people to like and hate certain things or people. But the hate for VTubers seems a bit excessive

Many people, especially in the gaming community, don’t like watching VTubers. Every time a VTuber stream on YouTube or Twitch, there is always a troll acting toxic to the VTubers and their fans

In this article, we explain why many people seem to hate VTubers so much

Why do many people hate VTubers?

There are many reasons why people hate VTubers. The main reason is that people hate VTubers because it’s related to anime and Japanese culture. Many VTubers like to act like an anime girl with a high pitched voice, which annoys some people that hate anime. What’s worse is most Vtubers’ avatars are 2D anime characters.

Of course, there is more reason behind hate for Vtubers besides anime. Here is the list of reasons why Vtubers are hated by many people

1.    Vtubers looks fake to some people

Many people hate VTubers and everything about Vtubing because it feels unreal and fake for them. Their reasoning is 2D and 3D avatars won’t create the same close relationship with real people.

They hate VTubers because to them, VTubers are trying to replace the human touch on live streaming by using anime avatar

Many people watch popular artist, musician YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and TikToker because when they consume their content, an emotional relationship are built between the creator and the consumer

This relationship is hard to be formed on Vtubers if you’re not interested in anime and Japanese culture. We must not forget that vtubing is still new in the live streaming industry.

People still prefer to watch a live stream that shows their real face instead of replacing it with an anime avatar with robotic movement

2.    VTubers can’t fully replicate real body movement

The effort for big VTubers to create avatars and set up motion tracking technology to track their movement is huge. Some spend more than 10 thousand dollars on setting vtubing  setup that let their avatar moves like a real person

But, even with current modern technology, VTubers avatar still looks like a robot with an anime skin. The movement feels robotic and cheap. Sometimes they move randomly and cause dizziness to the viewer

And we are talking about top VTubers that actually spend money on their setup. But most Vtubers won’t spend that much money for their vtubing setup.

They won’t spend a huge amount of money designing a vtuber avatar that can move in various poses fluidly. Not only that, most of them used cheap webcams with basic motion tracking technology that won’t capture their movement accurately.

Watching VTubers without adequate streaming setup, it’s hard to comment that they are no different than a cheaply animated character from Gacha Life (which conveniently also hated by many YouTube users)

3.    VTubers is not a novelty anymore

When Kizuna AI first uploaded her video that gave birth to vtubing on YouTube, many people were attracted by the idea of vtubing

It’s the recipe of success: Anime + YouTube + Streaming = Huge Fanbase

But as more VTubers enter the market, many people realize that there is nothing unique about it.

It’s basically streamer use anime avatar doing the same streamer stuff. And what makes things worse, many people use cheaply generated avatars which saturate the vtubing market

4.    People hate Vtubers because they are popular

Anything that gets popular on the internet will always have a group of people that unreasonably hate them. We usually call this group “Haters”. No matter how good and bad Vtubers are, some of the hate came just because it suddenly became popular

The hate for weebs on Reddit

But the hate for vtubing doesn’t suddenly form. Even before Vtubers exist, many people hate anime, otaku, and weebs. In Reddit, we see many people joke about people that too deep and obsessed with anime

Unfortunately, the Vtubers community bears the brunt from the hate for anime. And as Vtubers become more popular, more people will hate them.

5.    Vtubers is associated with capitalism

Vtubing is always associated with Hololive, even on Twitch. Even though Hololive make vtubing become bigger in China, Japan, and the USA, but many people hate Hololive because they belong to corporate

They see Hololive as a company that wants to use the love for vtubing as a way to make a profit. Well, even though it’s not wrong, but the hate is a bit far sketched.

Not all Vtubers belong to Hololive. Even many Twitch streamers stream for money these days, right?

6.    Vtubers Community is Toxic

When PewDiePie tried to use a virtual avatar on his YouTube video, he immediately got a huge backslash from the Vtubers community. It’s no secret how protective the Vtubers community is to the outsider.

Based on Dexerto’s claim, the reason behind the protectiveness of the Vtubers community is unknown. Still, there is a possibility it because the community is dominated by anime fans, they only want people with similar interests instead of gamers and entertainment YouTuber.

Besides YouTubers, many Twitch streamers like Pokimane and Lilipichu also face blackslash after using a virtual avatar on their stream.

The toxicity doesn’t stop here. When a Vtuber creates a mistake, they will get bullied by their fans. Vtubers community is filled with annoying and overprotective people that defend the streamer in normal times yet cancel them when they make any slightest mistake

Even though the bad fans are just a minority, they create a negative view on the Vtubers community overall.

7.    Maybe an old man is behind the Vtubers avatar

A common insult to the vtubing community is behind the Vtubers that use anime girl avatar, is old male that too deep into the otaku obsession

While it’s not true, since most Vtubers are female, there is a tale when this actually happens.  In 2018, Nora cat, a Japanese vtuber with an anime girl avatar were revealed as middle-aged male with looks similar to stereotypical otaku due to a technical glitch

Is it embarrassing to watch VTubers?

Many people are embarrassed to tell their friends and family that they watch Vtubers in their free time. It’s undeniable that Vtubing is similar to anime, so some people will be embarrassed when they watch Vtubers streamer. There is no need to feel ashamed if you want to watch Vtubers on YouTube or Twitch

Vtubing is not made for everyone. Normal people or normies may see people that spend their time watching anime or even Vtubers are weird. In the end, this is just a judgment that came from a generation gap

Does Watching VTuber make you an otaku or a weeb?

Watching VTubers doesn’t make you an otaku or a weeb. You can watch anything you want as long it’s doesn’t break the law. It’s undeniable that most Vtubers fanbases are otaku and weebs that love watching anime. Everyone can watch Vtubers, even non-anime fan

Is it Cringe to watch VTubers?

Watching VTubers is not cringe. It may be weird at first watching anime girls speaking and playing the game on the screen, but you will see that it’s no different than other normal streamers. Beware that Some vtubers have high pitched noise that is similar to an anime character, so for some people, they will cringe when they watch Vtubers

Is it OK to hate Vtubers?

Even though there is nothing wrong with hating Vtubers, because everyone can have their own opinion, you should try to watch Vtubers first before hating them. Many streamers become Vtubers just because they want to express themselves without showing their faces, so we shouldn’t hate Vtubers just because it’s similar to anime

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