How to Allow Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

You can use allow the use of Twitch Channel Subscription emotes into your private Discord server

xQcOW private discord server emotes

Discord is mostly used by streamers and gamers because Discord servers have many integrations with various platforms popular among gamers, including Twitch.

Of course, Discord collaboration with Twitch also allows Twitch users to use the emotes they got from the subscription on a Discord server. Yes, you heard it right. You can use your subscription emotes on Discord, outside Twitch.

How to Allow Twitch Subscription Emotes on Discord Server

To allow the use of subscription emotes on a Discord server, you need to link your Twitch channel’s account to the Discord account and then create your own Discord server. We had already made a complete guide on how to do both steps at How to Link your Twitch account to Discord

Step 1: Make Sure you had already Link Your Twitch account to Discord

Open the Discord application on your PC, and Log in to your account. Click the “User Setting” icon next to your profile name and deafen icon

confirmation connected discord account

On the left menu, click the “Connections” menu. Check whether you already connect your Twitch account on Discord or not. If not, then sync your account first before preceding to the next step

Step 2: Connect your Discord Server to your Twitch account

After creating your own Discord server, you must connect it to your Twitch account.

1. Right Click your Discord server, then click “Server Setting” then click “Integrations”

Discord Server Settings on Integrations

2. On the “Connect” section, sync your Discord server to the Twitch channel. You can view the menu for Twitch after syncing your account.

Integrate sub only discord server to Twitch chanenl

If you can’t view the menu, then you haven’t already become Twitch Affiliate yet. You need to become an Affiliated streamer on Twitch first before you can get subscription emotes

Step 3: Wait for the Sync process to end

After syncing your Discord server to your Twitch channel account, Discord will automatically add them to your Discord Server if you have subscription emotes on your Twitch account. The syncing process can take up to 1 hour.

According to Discord Permission FAQ, you as a server creator don’t need to assign roles to yourself. You will always have the highest access on your Discord server

After syncing your account, you only need to wait for your subscribers to join your Discord server. You can make an announcement on your Twitch page and during the stream. Make sure you add “Discord Private Server” to your channel subscription perks

If your subscribers join your Discord server, they will be assigned roles based on their subscription status. You can selectively modify them if you want

Step 4: Allow usage of External Emotes on Your Discord Server

You can allow the use of external emotes on your discord server. It’s a nice addition outside of your Discord emotes and subscription emotes. Some Twitch streamers enable this feature on their private server. Just follow the step below to enable it:

1. Right-click your server profile

2. Click “Server Setting” then choose “Roles”.

3. Click the “Default Permissions” section

Use External Emoji Discord server setting

4. On the “Permissions” tab, scroll down until you can find “Use External Emoji”. You can use the search function to quicken the process

5. Enable the option for “Use External Emoji”. You can set this option enabled on only a specific role on your server (based on the current level of the roles)

Step 5: Add new emotes on your Discord Server

You can add new external emoji on your Discord Server. Follow these step below to enable it:

1. Right-click your server profile

Upload new emoji on Discord server

2. Click “Server Setting” then choose “Emoji”

3. Click the “Upload Emoji” button to upload a designed emoji images on your PC to your discord server

You can upload 50 emotes on your Discord server. If you want to add more, you need to boost your server to get a better feature on your server

You can view this video to know more about adding new emotes to the Discord server

Step 6: Integrate BTTV Emotes on your Discord Server

You can use BTTV emotes, which can enrich the list of usable emotes on your discord server. BTTV are the most widely used emotes extensions on Twitch. So you should add BTTV integration on your Discord server

1. First, you need to enable BTTV on your Twitch channel

2. After enabling, you need to integrate BTTV on your Discord server. Follow these steps below:

BTTV integration on Discord server

3. Go to BTTV website at:

4. On the top menus, click “Support” and then choose “Discord.”

5. The discord app will be automatically opened on your PC. On “Connection” select “Discord Sync” on the server you want to integrate with BTTV emotes

Why You Should Add Subscription Emotes on your Discord Servers

Adding subscription emotes on your discord server can help you as streamer build your community and make your channel emotes more popular among the Twitch users. This can increase the likelihood of them keep their subscription to your channel. There is no harm in adding it on your Discord server. It will be weird if they can’t use the subscription emotes on the Sub-Only Discord server

Since your subscribers already paid for the emotes, why can’t they use it on your Discord server anyway? Believe me, some of them will ask this feature on Day 1.

But what about if you’re not a streamer? What if you’re the viewer?

How to use Subscription Emotes on Discord Server as Twitch Subscribers

If you are a channel subscriber, you need to join the discord server after linking your account.

Open User Setting > Connection. You can view the channel list with the private Discord server that you have subscribed to on Twitch. Just click “Join Server”

As long you join their server, you can use the Twitch emotes on the Discord server as a channel subscriber.

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