What is Unique Chat Mode on Twitch? Should you Use it?

Twitch Unique Chat is a command on Twitch that prevent the viewers from repeatedly sending the same message

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Spam is a common problem on Twitch. Many viewers, intentionally or not, love to keep sending the same message over and over again. Maybe it can be funny, but to most streamers, it can be annoying. You can Use the Unique Chat command to prevent your viewers from sending the same message in the chat room

What is Unique Chat Command on Twitch?

Unique Chat Mode is a Twitch command that prevents the viewers from posting the same message repeatedly. If enabled, it will check the message that more than 9 characters and remove the detected repetitive chat. Unique Chat Mode is commonly used to prevent copy-pasted spam messages. Only Channel Owner and Moderators can enable the Unique Chat Command.

According to Twitch Help, Unique Chat is a moderating command that analyzes the message on your channel. Unique Chat command won’t remove the chat that only uses emoji. Only message more than 9 Characters or around 2-3 words is moderated by the Unique Chat command

If there a message repeated more than once, it will automatically delete the message that came later.

Do Streamers Use Unique Chat Command on their Channel?

Many streamers use Unique Chat Command on their channel to help moderate spam and trolls in the chat room.  But many streamers also don’t use this command. Because it’s not accurate and can lead to disadvantages on their channels. xQcOW as the most popular Twitch streamer doesn’t use the Unique Chat command on his channel

Sometimes, many viewers love to repeat the same message because it’s funny and meta, not because they want to spam. Unique Chat can annoy this kind of viewer. They can leave your stream. So be cautious on using any Twitch command

How To Enable Unique Chat Command on Twitch

Enabling Unique Chat Command is simple. Type this command: /uniquechat in your chatbox. After enabled, it will start Unique Chat Filter in your chat room. Only a message with more than 9 characters will be filtered. You need the Owner’s or Moderator’s permission to enable the command

Below is a guide on how to turn on the Unique Chat Command on your channel

  1. First, Log in to your Twitch account

2. Start a stream, then during your stream you just need to type /uniquechat on the chat as a channel owner or channel moderators

3. Without starting a stream, you can still enable the command. Click Your Profile image, then head into your Channel Page from the Menu. Click The Chat Menu on the menu bar

Enabling Unique Chat command on Twitch

4. Type /uniquechat on the chatbox,  then send the message

unique chat command's notification  in chat room

5. You will get a notification in your chat room:  “Your Channel has enabled Unique-Chat mode for this room”

Now Unique Chat is already enabled. You can test it yourself by opening your Twitch stream on the incognito tab or using other browsers, then send the same message in a short time. The command should be filtering the second message

How to Disable Unique Chat Mode on Your Twitch Chat Room

Disabling Unique Chat command in chat room

If you want to disable the Unique Chat Mode, simply type the /uniquechatoff command in your channel chatbox. Send the message. You will need  Owner’s or Moderators’ roles to disable the Unique Chat Mode. You can still re-enable Unique Chat Mode in the future

After disabling the command, you will get a notification: “Your Channel disabled unique-chat mode for this room”

Disabling Unique Chat Mode maybe is a good choice if your channel only has a small number of spam messages. It can also help in some games, like Among Us, in which meta jokes are important.

If you are the viewer, and you are annoyed by the command, you can kindly ask the moderator to disable the Unique Chat feature on the channel. Remember to be polite when asking

Will Enabling Unique Chat Mode Help My Channel?

Enabling the Unique Chat command can help to reduce the number of spam messages in your chat room. It also forces your viewers to create a unique and different message instead of spamming what the above chatters said. Of course, it can also harm your channel in some cases of scenario. So think it through before using the command

If any of your viewers keep repeatedly spamming the same message, it will be very annoying for other chatters and they are more likely to leave your stream. So, in this case scenario, you should turn on the Unique Chat mode.

If you are beginner streamers, you don’t need to enable Unique Chat Mode. Not many viewers will present and fewer will use the chat feature. And if something happens during the stream, and the viewers finally chat to celebrate it, they can get mad when the Unique Chat Mode filter and delete their messages

Many big streamers like Shroud, xQcOW, and tommyinnit don’t use the Unique Chat command. Why you may ask? Because many of their viewers love to repeat the same jokes by the previous chatters in the chat room. In these cases, turning on the command can block the majority of their messages

Even if they filter the repeated message, it won’t matter too much. The chat will still move too fast to see by the naked eyes. It’s better to use Sub Only Chat Mode because they less likely to spam and encourage your viewers to get subscriptions on their channel

Should You Use Unique Chat Mode Command on Your Twitch Channel?

Use the Unique Chat Mode if your chat room is attacked by spam and trolls by the haters. It can help combat spam attacks. Don’t forget to turn it off after the attacks. You can still enable the command if you want to remove the intentional spam messages in your channel.

If you are a big Twitch streamer with thousands of viewers, you can use the command to prevent your viewers from spamming and trolling in your channel chat room.

However, in most cases, unique chat mode are not needed. If you want your viewers to make more memes, copy pasta and meta jokes, this command should be turned off. Luckily, this command won’t block emotes in your chat room

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