How to Unblock Discord on Your School Wi-fi Network

This is a complete guide to help you unblock Discord on your school wi-fi Network

Discord on School

If you use your school wi-fi to connect to the internet, chances are you can’t access some websites and apps. 

Most schools and colleges usually block Discord to prevent people from wasting time on Discord. 

The block happens because a rule exists on the router that is configured to ban Discord. You can’t even open the Discord app because Discord can’t use the Internet that you have connected with

Luckily there are many ways to bypass the restriction If you urgently need to access Discord. 

You will learn six methods to help you unblock any website on your school network, including Discord. You can also use this method on your workplace wi-fi network

Let’s jump right in

1. Use a VPN service to Open the Discord App

Using a VPN can help you mask your device IP Address. After masking your IP Address, most restrictions on the WI-fi routers won’t be applied to your device. 

Using a VPN service is the best way to bypass the block Discord because it works 99% most of the time

You can use popular VPNs such as Nord VPN and ExpressVPN. Reddit users will recommend an underdog VPN like Mullvad VPN. No matter what VPN you choose, remember never to use a free VPN

Tips: Don’t use a free VPN to access Discord. There is a reason why they’re free

Most free VPN services will record your identity when you access a website and app using their VPN. Then they will sell your private data to advertisers. Your privacy will be at risk when you use a free VPN 

But not all free VPN is bad. Mozilla Firefox and Opera come with a free VPN you can use to access Discord. But they are very slow compared to premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN

To help you solve your issue, you can follow the steps to access Discord using VPN

Connecting to NordVPN
  1. Close the Discord App by Right Clicking Discord Icon and clicking “Close Discord”
  2. Open VPN app
  3. Login to your account
  4. Connect to any region or country of your masked IP. I recommend choosing America or Canada because it has the least number of websites blocked in the country
  5. After connecting to your VPN network, open the Discord app

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2. Open Discord Web

You can try accessing Discord by using the website version of Discord. Sometimes, only the Discord app was blocked on your school or college Wi-fi network

Discord web is similar to the app. It’s basically the website version of the app. You only need a web browser and a Discord account 

Follow these steps to use Discord Web

Open this link:

Login to your account by entering your email and password

Note: Discord web is also blocked on your school network if you can’t open the link and the website keeps loading. No need to panic. We already expect this can happen to you

Head into the following method to fix this issue

3. Use the Discord App on your Smartphone or Tablet

Before trying a complicated method, try to open the Discord app on another device

It can be on your tablet or your smartphone. I rarely find them blocked on the most school network

We can combine the first method of using a VPN with this method. Try to install and connect to VPN app on your mobile devices while opening the Discord app

The only reason why this solution will fail is that the router specifically blocked the Discord IP address. 

If this issue happens to you, then follow the next method

4. Change your DNS Server to Public DNS

DNS server helps you to record and translate website IP addresses. DNS is the reason why we can access the internet

DNS is important to Discord because without using DNS service, your browser can’t access Discord’s IP address.

Every time you access Discord, the DNS server will translate the Discord domain name into IP Address that your router will understand

Each router came with a default DNS server.  Changing your DNS to public DNS will allow you to bypass any website blockage on your PC.

To change your DNS server on Windows, follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Start Menu. You can do this by pressing the  ⊞ Windows button on your keyboard or clicking the Windows icon

Windows Settings

2. Click the gear-shaped icon, which lets you open your Windows setting

Network & Internet setting on Windows

3. Select Network & Internet

4. Click Status Menu, scroll down and Choose “Change Adaptor Options”

Change Adaptor Option

5. On the Wi-fi, right click and choose “Properties”

6. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

Changing Windows DNS Server to Cloudflare DNS Server

7. Toggle on the “Use the following DNS server address:” option

8. Fill in with for Preferred DNS Server  and for Alternate DNS Server

9. Click the “OK” button to confirm the change

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5. Use the Private Relay Feature on Mac OS

If you use a Macbook, I recommend using the Private Relay feature

Private Relay is a feature that comes with iCloud subscribers. It’s similar to a combination of a VPN and a Custom DNS server.

From my experience, changing the DNS server on Mac doesn’t unblock Discord. Only by turning on Private Relay allow you unblock Discord on Mac

Follow these steps to enable Private Relay on a mac device

Click the Apple Menu Icon > System Settings > Click [your Apple ID name] > Private Relay. Toggle on the Private Relay option and choose the region ”United States” for the best internet connectivity

If you want to know more about Private Relay, then head into Apple Official Guide at this link:

6. Use Your Smartphone Mobile Data

If nothing else is working, then consider using your phone’s mobile data plan

Since the data plan belongs to you, access to Discord will not be hindered. I recommend using your smartphone mobile data plan if you have an unlimited data plan available

The other benefit of using your mobile data is it will be more secure than using your school Wi-fi

The Method that No Longer Works for Unblocking Discord

You should avoid doing these tricks if you are planning to bypass Discord block:

Using a Proxy site

Some websites recommend using Proxy Site to access Discord. 

Don’t do that

Most Proxy sites are not safe to use. You need to log in to your Discord account after using the Proxy site

They will record your data and steal your Discord id and password. If you want your Discord account safe, then use VPN. VPN is safer and better than a Proxy website

Using Discord IP address

Discord uses Cloudflare datacenter to cache their data to end users. 

Cloudflare will protect Discord from bot attacks. If you are accessing Discord using its IP address, Cloudflare will misidentify you as a bot. 

This is why the Discord IP address trick is no longer working. You will get Cloudflare Error if you are trying to access Discord using its IP address

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