What Twitch Subscriptions are: Guide and In-depth analysis of Twitch sub

You can freely watch a stream on Twitch at the cost of having ads. Following a Twitch channel, to get daily remainder is also a free feature you can have as a Twitch member. But there is a method to improve your Twitch experience, which is by subscribing to a Twitch channel


You can subscribe to your favorite channel on Twitch for just $5 per month. But What is Twitch Subscription?

What is Twitch Subscription?

Subscription is a feature on Twitch that allows anyone to support a channel monthly or one-time basis by paying at least $4.99 per month to $24.99. Twitch Subscription is a good way to support and join your favorite streamer community and fans and you can get various perks that only subscribers will get.

Only Twitch Affiliates and Partnered channels can get a subscription. So, you can’t subscribe to a new streamer that doesn’t have Affiliate status. Subscription, just like following is only for one Twitch channel. If you want to subscribe to two channels or more, you need to pay each channel separately

How Much Does a Twitch Subscription Cost?

You can subscribe to a Twitch channel for only $4.99/month as a Tier 1 Subscriber. You can pay more for $9.99/month as a Tier 2 Subscriber and $24.99/month as a Tier 3 Subscriber. You can upgrade your current subscription and change the payment method. Only Tier 1 subscription is allowed on Twitch mobile app, you need to open Twitch on Desktop to purchase a higher subscription tier

While most channels usually offer more benefits at higher tier subscriptions, sometimes there is no difference between tier 1 and tier 3 subs. Paying more won’t lead you to get extra benefits, except for a few more emotes. So, in this case, only if you truly can afford and support the streamer that you should choose the tier 3 subs.

Subscriptions can be paid one-time by canceling after the first month or by monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. Subscription is automatically renewed on the same day of each month you are charged initially. So if you subscribe on 12th June, it will automatically be renewed on 12th July. The duration is not exactly 30 days as you think but a solid 1 month no matter how many days in the current month.

Just like donating to a Twitch channel, the streamer can earn a percentage of the subscription payment. How much streamers can earn usually vary and different from each contract. Affiliate Channel usually receive 50% cut from the payment, meanwhile Partnered Channel receive 30% or lower

Since Amazon owns Twitch, if you have a Twitch Prime that comes free from Amazon Prime membership, you can get one quota to subscribe to one channel each month for free

You can purchase Twitch Subscription on the Twitch website and Twitch mobile app on your iPhones and Android. Only the Tier 1 subscription can be purchased on the mobile app for now

You can also receive a free Twitch subscription through gifting. Not only you can get a subscription from other viewers, but streamers can also give you sub in some giveaway scenarios. Only the gifter that needs to pay the cost. I already have a guide on How to Gift Subscription on Twitch

What are the perks of Twitch Subscription?

You can gain custom emotes usable to use in any channels on Twitch, special subscriber badges, an ad-free viewing experience and many more perks that different across each channel. You can view those perks on their channel bio and description. If you subscribe on a channel, especially a small streamer, usually the streamer will celebrate and do funny stuff in-game

List of Complete Benefit and Perks of Twitch Subscription

  • Custom emotes

Custom emotes or emojis are specially designed by the subscribed channel. You can freely use the emotes in the subbed channel and any other Twitch channel. Keep in mind some channels selectively ban certain emotes because of spammer and troll.

Shroud Tier 2 and Tier 3 Subscription perks
Shroud Tier 2 and Tier 3 Perks emotes
  • Subscriber Badge

You can get a subscriber Badge displayed on your name when you watch their stream. These badges are specially designed for each channel. Some channels give tiered badges based on the subscription tier and duration of the subscription. You can get a badge on your first month and get an upgraded badge for every 3,6,1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Other viewers can view your badge every time you chat

  • Ad-free experience

I hate ads. Most people hate ads. While you can use AdBlock on Twitch, but some ads are unblockable and you shouldn’t use AdBlock if you truly support the streamer. By having a subscription, you won’t get ads during the stream. Some ads may still appear due to Twitch and Sponsorship policy, but you won’t have to experience 99% of ad during a stream

  • Exclusive subscriber-only streams and chat room.

You can watch a sub-only stream that is hidden for the normal viewer and can only be accessed by the subscriber. Not only that you can access a sub-only chat room and talk to other subscribers. It will easily deter spammer. Some channel only allows subscriber as their default chat room to prevent spam

  • Exclusive Channel’s Discord Server

Some streamers set up an exclusive discord server for their subscriber. While you can contact your streamer using social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, most streamers will only respond inquiry on Discord. Having an exclusive discord server, you can also communicate with other members

  • Giveaway

Who doesn’t love freebies? Some streamers will start a giveaway and you can get free games and freebies if you win the giveaway. Beware that most channel never give a giveaway to their subscriber

  • Stream Alerts

Your name will be displayed during the stream if you subscribe to their channel. The streamer will thank you, and do predetermined stuff like dancing during stream every time someone subscribes.

  • Status among other viewers

Subscribers will always be respected more on stream. They get VIP status among the community. Subscribers usually have more rights and have less chance to get banned on the channel. Beware that in some community, the subscriber is usually being called Simp as an insult

Keep in mind you will lose those benefits and perks if you stop subscribing to the channel. To keep continue the subscription streaks, there is a maximum period of 7 days to resubscribe before any of your streaks are reset.

How to Subscribe to a Twitch Channel?

It’s easy to become a Twitch Subscriber. Here is the guide on how to subscribe to a channel using the Desktop web browser version of Twitch

Shroud subscription guide
  1. Go to the stream of Affiliated or Partnered channel of your intended subscription. Click the Subscribe button at the bottom-right corner of the video, besides the Follow button. If there is no subscribe button, it means the channel hasn’t got Affiliate status and you can’t subscribe to them
Choose Tier Shroud Subscirption

2. A pop-up window will appear which lets you see the benefit of a Tier 1 subscription. You can scroll down to see the benefit of Tier 2 and Tier 3. Each channel has the same price as each tier subscription

Complete purchase Shroud  Twitch Channel subscription

3. Click the Subscribe button. It will open a window where you can choose the duration of the renewal and your payment method. You can choose PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Credit Card for your payment method. Some regions will allow other kinds of payment methods. I recommend using PayPal and Amazon Pay for a more secure and faster payment method. I also recommend choosing monthly renewal because it’s easier to cancel financially

4. Complete the transaction to become a Twitch Subscriber

5. Usually, there is a notice when someone subscribes to a channel. You will get thank you for subscribing from the streamers themselves, Now you can receive perks like exclusive emotes, subscription badges, and many others.

Can I refund a Twitch Subscription?

No, after you purchase Twitch Subscription, you can’t normally ask for a refund for the payment. Only in some cases like a hacked credit card, carding or your children illegally use your credit card is when you can get a refund after the dispute process. So, in most cases, all subscription is final and you can’t ask for a refund

But what about canceling my Twitch Subscription? Can you do that?

Can I Cancel a Twitch Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel a Twitch Subscription. This is not a refund, after canceling, you won’t get billed by the next period of renewal. So, if you paid monthly, you won’t get renewed next month. But if you paid every 6 months, your subscription will only be ended after 6 months. So subscription monthly is more recommended because it’s easier to cancel. 

If you want to stop your subscription, cancel as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait to avoid paying the whole cost of the subscription (especially 6 Months of Tier 3) because if that happens, it might be charged as renewal for the next 6 months which is not worth it if you already or will consider canceling your subscription.

To cancel your Twitch Subscription, log in to your Twitch account. Go to the Twitch Subscriptions page or by clicking your avatar and click the subscription menu. A list of your current subscriptions will appear. Choose the one you wish to stop, click the setting icon next to the subscription and click the “Don’t Renew Subscription” option.

Should You Subscribe to a Twitch Channel?

Yes, if you can afford the cost, subscribing is the best way to support your favorite streamers financially and emotionally. The number of subscribers is a better indicator of how popular streamer is compared to the follower count. If you want to support your favorite streamer community, you can go ahead and subscribe to their channel

Most Streamers will be happy if they get subscribers compared to getting a donation. Subscription is paid at least monthly so, it’s a stable source of income for streamers that treat streaming as a job.

So, you can subscribe to any channel you like. Tier 3 subscription, at the cost of 24.99 per month is great but don’t feel obliged to do so. There are only a few extra benefits that Tier 3 Subscribers get compared to Tier 1 and 2. In most twitch channels, you only get additional emotes at tier 3, which can expire after you stop subscribing

Most streamers don’t have access to sponsorships and advertisement deals to help pay for their streaming as a side job. Subscription is a great way to support your favorite streamers and it’s easier than you think. Sure, you need to paid to become a subscriber. But none of that matters when you consider how much time and effort goes into each stream you watch. Just think yourself, a $5 can make a huge difference for streamers.  

Why do some people subscribe to big streamers and not donate?

Because donation doesn’t give you that much besides mentioning your name during the stream. You can get various perks like custom emotes and subscription badges which you won’t get no matter how much you donate to the streamer. But for donation, there isn’t that much benefit that you can gain in my opinion. It also depends on how the streamer handles the donation.

In some communities, subscribers are usually treated better than donators (The reverse is true, you can get treated as simp in some communities).


Subscribing is the best way as a fan to support your favorite streamers. You can also get various perks that came from it. But don’t feel obligated to do that, unless you have spare money to throw.

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