What are Gifted Subs on Twitch? An in-depth Guide to Gift a Subscription

Twitch Subscription is a way to support Twitch streamers by pay monthly to get perks like ad-free experience and custom emotes. What if I tell you, you can gift the subscription to someone else, a stranger even?

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You can gift the subscription you bought to your Twitch friend. Even the streamer itself can gift the subscription of their channel to their viewer. So, what is a gifted sub? How do you gift sub? How much does it cost? And how to get it?

Let’s dive into the complete guide of the gifted sub on Twitch.

What are Gifted Subs on Twitch?

Gifted Subs are Twitch Subscriptions that are gifted from a Twitch User to another Twitch User. The user that receives gifted sub will get the same benefit and perks of a normal subscription like custom emotes and subscription badges. The gifters is the one who paid the cost of the transaction. The gifted user can be anyone during a stream

Gifted subs are divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The cost is also the same. So why do people gift subs? Isn’t it worth it? Why would you pay for someone else subscription when you can buy it for yourself?

Why do people gift subscriptions on Twitch?

Because gifting is sharing happiness. People gift sub on Twitch is because they want to share the feeling of subscribing to a favorite streamer with another viewer that they like or friend with. Sharing a gift is also human nature of the act of altruism. People love when they share and receive a gift

The first reason for gifting subs of course to support the streamer. The second reason is that there is someone in the community that they prefer to gift.

In some Twitch Channel Community, there is always a fan that can’t afford the payment or doesn’t reach the age to be able to pay themselves. They usually get gifted for being part of the community for so long.

Of course, there is some case of beggars spamming on the Twitch Chat. But no worries, in a well-moderated channel, a channel-specific ban will strike them

Many people will gift so they want the community to become bigger and active. Who wants to be a part of a dead community? Not only that, the cost is only as low as 4.99$. You don’t need to cancel gifted subs because you can define the duration of the gifted sub before paying the transaction.

Who can gift a sub on Twitch?

Any Twitch user can gift a subscription to any others Twitch Users. As long you can afford the cost, there is no requirement except the channel must be affiliated or partnered with Twitch. The Streamers themselves can also gift subscriptions of their channel or other channels to their viewers. You can also gift a subscription anonymously.

Twitch streamers can also gift subscriptions of their streamer friend’s channel to their viewer. Why? First, it’s to show care and help to their streamer friend. They also can find ways to make their communities and follower can interact with each other.

How Much Does It Cost to Gift a Sub on Twitch?

The cost of gifting subs is the same as a normal Twitch Subscription. Tier 1 Gifted Sub costs $4.99, Tier 2 Gifted Sub costs $9.99 and Tier 3 Gifted Sub costs $24.99. This doesn’t include tax and other costs that are included based on your region of payment. The total cost of a subscription depends on how long the subscription you want to gift to the gifted user.

If you decide to purchase a multi-month sub gift, you need to open Twitch on Web Browser. If you use the Android and iOS mobile app, you can only purchase for a 1-month gifted sub, not multi-month.

So, is there any requirement for the user that gifted? No, any user without an active subscription to the given channel at any given time is qualified to get a gifted sub

You can also gift to more than 1 person. The maximum number of users you can gift is 100 users.

How Much are 20 Gifted Subs on Twitch?

20 gifted subs cost

You need to spend $99.80 to gift 20 Tier 1 subs. For 20 Tier 2 gifted subs, you need to spend $199.80. 20 Tier 3 gifted subs will cost you $499.80. Based on some regions, due to taxes and payment method costs, the VAT may be higher. It’s better to only gift Tier 1 due to the sky-high price

How Much are 50 Gifted Subs on Twitch?

50 gifted subs cost

You need to spend $249.50 to gift 50 Tier 1 subs to others users. For 50 Tier 2 gifted subs, you need to spend $499.50. Tier 3 only allows a maximum of 40 gifted subs at a one-time transaction, so it will cost you $999.60. 50 Tier 3 Gifted Subs require 2-time transaction which cost you $1249.99

How Much are 100 Gifted Subs on Twitch?

100 Tier 1 gifted subs will cost you $499.00. For 50 Tier 2 gifted subs, you need to spend $999.00. Tier 3 only allows a maximum of 40 gifted subs, so it will cost you $999.60. If you decide to buy 100 gifted subs which require two times 40 gifted subs and one time 20 gifted subs, the total cost will be $2499

Gifting a subscription, even only one is a good act that can help your favorite streamers and their community. And who doesn’t dream to give a massive 100 Tier 3 subs to their favorite streamer’s community? I think gifting subs is a nice gesture and we should all do it

Can you cancel or refund the gifted subscription?

No, you can’t cancel and refund after you gift the subscription. Because the transaction is done upfront, and there is no monthly renewal, you can’t cancel and refund the payment. Some scenarios like carding, stolen credit card, and fraud may let you be entitled to get a refund after contacting Twitch Support and the dispute process.

If you decide to gift more than one sub, you need to be careful because the calculated cost will be high. How much the cost? I already calculate the cost for you

How much do Streamers earn from Gifted Subs?

Streamers earn from subscriptions are based on the contract they have with Twitch. Twitch Affiliate earns 50% from the cost of the subscription. Twitch Partners earn 70% or more from the cost of the subscription. If you gift Tier 3 Subscription, Affiliate channel can earn $12.49 and partnered channel can earn at least $17.49

Well, since there is no cut on donation, wouldn’t it better for streamers to get donation than subscriptions? No, a donation is only for one time. With a subscription, streamers can get a stable monthly earning for their streaming. Not only that, with custom emotes and subscription badges, it can build community and increase their follower’s count

Which Streamers Prefers: getting Gifted Subs or Donations?

Streamers will always prefer to earn from Gifted Subs. Because giving a subscription is a great way to make the community active, especially to the lucky viewers that get the subs. But Donation is also loved by the streamer. Both options will help the streamer. So, you can choose either option if you want to support your favorite streamer

How to Gift Subs on Twitch

Twitch homepage
  1. Open Twitch on your Web Browser and login to your Twitch account

2. Go to the bottom right hand of the video player and press the purple “Subscribe” button. It will be turned into a green “Gift a Sub” button if you have already subscribed to the channel

xQcOW gift subs

3. Scroll Down and click the Gift Button beside the Subscribe Button

xQcOW gifted subs choose Tier

4. Choose which Tier sub you want to give from Tier 1 to Tier 3 by pressing the Tier Tabs. Then the price will be refreshed. Choose how many subs you want to gift from only 1 sub to 100 subs. Keep in mind for Tier 3, the maximum number for one-time payment is 40 subs.

5. You can press Gift to a specific viewer instead of random people in the community by pressing the option of “Gift to a specific viewer”

xQcOW choose recipient gifted subs

6. A new window will be opened. Insert the Twitch name or ID to search the user. You can choose to gift Anonymously by checklist the option

7. You will be asked how long do you want to give the subscriber sub (the time duration can be between 1 month – 1 year). Warning! You can’t cancel and refund after the payment, choose this option wisely. I always recommend to only 1 month

8. Choose and set up your Payment Method. I recommend using PayPal and Amazon Pay because it’s more secure

East Way to get Gifted Subs on Twitch

  1. Follow a popular streamer with many generous gifters. But don’t choose the most popular one, because higher competition
  2. Be active in the community so you can be recognized. Some donor will give you subs for active participation
  3. Ask politely but don’t beg
  4. Join and win a giveaway
  5. Watch stream during an important moment. Usually, it’s the most time people gift subs
  6. Say a nice thing to the streamer. Sometimes their devoted fans can gift you a subscription just for this
  7. Just keep following many streamers. You will randomly get subs in some channel sometime

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