Why Twitch Emotes are not showing and how to solve it

Twitch emotes sometimes bugged and disappear, making you can’t see the emotes in the chat room.

chat emotes can't be seen in the chatroom

Emotes on Twitch are essential for communication during streaming. Many Twitch viewers only send emotes in the chat room

There are many reasons why the chat emotes are not showing. In this article, we explain the various reason why the twitch chat emotes are not appearing and how to solve it

Why the Twitch emotes are not showing

Most of the times, problem on your web browser causes the emotes to not showing on your screen. Common web browser problems are cache and cookie errors. It can also because you haven’t updated your web browser and security issue or bug cause a problem when you use Twitch. You may need to download an extension to show some emotes that not official on Twitch

The most common problem you need to check is your web browser first

Many factors cause your web browser to cause a problem when you open Twitch. Below is the complete list of the cause of why you can’t see the emotes on Twitch and how to solve them

List of Web Browser Problems that causes Twitch Emotes Disappearing

Outdated Web Browser

Outdated web browsers can bring security and bug problems to your twitch experience. Lastest version of the web browser has added features like HTML5, WebP image, HTTP/3 protocols which used and coded inside on Twitch to bring you the best streaming experience

If you don’t use the latest version of your web browser, you can’t use new features on Twitch. Not only that, if your browser is outdated, you can’t even use Twitch at all. Which bring you problem when you try to watch the stream on Twitch.

To update your web browser, you can open this link if you use Google Chrome: Google Chrome Help

Or you can follow our guide:

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. At the top right of the browser, click the triple dot
  3. Click Help on the bottom of the menu
  4. Click About Chrome
How to Update Google Chrome

You will see the current version of your Google Chrome, if there is a new version, just click “Update Google Chrome”

Cache and Cookie problem

Cache and Cookie can cause a problem when Twitch changed some data or code on their server. The saved data on your PC that stored on the cache and cookie will clash with the new data that Twitch use and cause problem during streaming

One common example is when  Twitch added or deleted new emotes. When you try to open Twitch it will be shown either the old image or you can’t see the emotes at all

To solve this problem you need to delete both the cache and cookie on your web browser. Because the cache is used to reduce internet consumption and web browser work, deleting the cache can temporarily reduce the web browser’s performance.

If you delete the cookie, you will be logged off from Twitch and other logged web account on your web browser

To delete cookie and cache On Google Chrome:

Privacy and Security Setting on Google Chrome
  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. At the top right of the browser, click the triple dot
  3. From the menu choose Setting
  4. On the left sidebar, click “Privacy and Security”
  5. Choose the top option, “Clear Browsing Data”
  6. Choose the duration on the time range, and make sure the option of “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are turned on. You can turn off other options like Browsing history and Download History
  7. Click Clear Data
Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome

Safari Web Browser Problem on Twitch

Many Apple users that use Safari Web Browser have a problem when they watch the stream on Twitch

Reddit pages on Safari can't play Twitch streams

List of common problems on Twitch when you use Safari Web Browser:

  1. Chat Room keeps crashing
  2. Can’t type in the chat room
  3. Emotes Disappearing
  4. Stream doesn’t load

This is a long-standing problem on safari and has never really been fixed

The good news is, this is a rare problem that can easily be solved

Try to log off from your Twitch account then restart Safari

Most of the time, the problem will disappear. But if this doesn’t solve the problem, then maybe it’s caused by either cache or cookie problem

To delete the cookie and cache on Safari, you can open this guide from Apple Support: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201265

If cleaning the cache and cookie doesn’t solve the problem, the only solution is either use the Twitch app or switch to another browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Antivirus and Firewall interfering with your browser or Twitch

Antivirus and Firewall can interfere with your web browser during the downloading of the video when you watch the stream.

This is a rare problem because Twitch is a trusted website and shouldn’t clash with your antivirus and firewall, especially if you use trusted anti-virus software

First, disable the antivirus and firewall first to determine whether the emotes problem on Twitch is caused by the antivirus or not.

Try to update your antivirus and firewall software, maybe the problem has been solved on the latest update

I recommend changing your antivirus into the default Microsoft Defender Antivirus (previously known as Window Defender) because it has fewer issues and came from Microsoft itself

You don’t have Emotes Extension on your Web Browser

Many Twitch users use emotes extensions like BTTV and FrankerFacez to show emotes that are not officially accepted by Twitch. If other user sees BTTV and FrankerFacez emotes during streaming, they can only see the text of the emotes, but not the emotes itself

This is the reason why sometimes you see a viewer that gives a comment in plain text that is related to meme emotes, but you can’t see the emotes. Meme emotes like Hyper, POggers, Pepehands, and Sweats are available after you use emotes extension

It’s better to use the emotes extension as Twitch users to improve your twitch experience

After updating your web browser, clearing the cache and cookie, checking the antivirus, and installing the emotes extension, the emotes should appear on your screen. If you still can’t see the emotes, maybe the problem came from Twitch itself

List of Twitch Issue that creates emotes bug

Twitch Server Issue

Twitch server issues can cause some data like emotes or chat room codes to be bugged. Because the problem came from Twitch itself, you can only wait for Twitch to fix the issue

Usually, in these case scenarios, Twitch will release the news on Twitter and Reddit. So try to open the Twitch Twitter page first to check if there is any notice of bug fixing or not

Subscriber Emotes Delay

Some emotes are unique and come as perks after you subscribe to a channel. These emotes can be used on Twitch on any channel, not just the channel you have subscribed

If you would like to know more about subscriber emotes, check out our article about What are Gifted Subs on Twitch

When the streamer adds new emotes to their channel, there is a delay until the emotes are accepted and propagated on the Twitch server. It may need few hours or even 1 week until Twitch accepted it and then the emotes can be used on any Twitch channel

You can contact Twitch support if you have any problem with your channel subscriber emotes

Twitch Mobile App Bugs

If you use the mobile app, sometimes there is a bug on Twitch that makes the emotes disappear on the mobile user. You can try to restart the Twitch app first to fix the problem. If it still bugged, you can restart your smartphone and reopen the Twitch app. If the problem persists, reinstall the Twitch app on your smartphone.

If any above step doesn’t fix the bug, you need to wait for the next update on the app to fix the bug. This bug usually gets fixed fast, so you just need to wait and ignore the emotes bug, or maybe you can try open Twitch on your web browser


I hope the guide above resolves the issue of Twitch emotes disappearing on Twitch. If you still can’t fix the issue, then contact Twitch Support to report the issue and receive helpful assistance from the Twitch Support Team. You can contact Twitch Support at this link: https://help.twitch.tv/s/contactsupport?language=en_US

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