Streamer screaming on the microphone during game

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Why Toxic Streamers are common on Twitch

Toxic streamers are common in Twitch. Many Top 100 streamers on Twitch are toxic streamers that like to swear and scream during a stream. Why they are so popular?

Spam message on Twitch

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Why is Twitch Chat so Toxic?

Toxicity is normal on Twitch, especially in the chat room where any viewers can message to each other.

Twitch streamers playing game

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What is Lurking and How to Lurk on Twitch

In case you don’t know, the act of opening a stream without actively interact during the stream is called lurking. So, what exactly is lurking? What differentiates it from watching stream normally?


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What Twitch Subscriptions are: Guide and In-depth analysis of Twitch sub

You can freely watch a stream on Twitch at the cost of having ads. Following a Twitch channel, to get daily remainder is also a free feature you can have as a Twitch member. But there is a method to improve your Twitch experience, which is by subscribing to a Twitch channel