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Is Twitch a Social Media For Everyone? Not Just for Gamer?

Twitch is now a popular platform for the live streaming of video games and creative hobbies. As Twitch added new features, many people began to wonder, Is Twitch a Social Media like Instagram and TikTok?

Twitch error 1000: video was cancelled

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[Solved] What is Twitch Error #1000?

Twitch error 1000 sometimes occur to certain viewers or even the streamer itself. There are many factors why Twitch error #1000 appear on your screen. This article will help you troubleshoot the error

Viewer Count on Twitch

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Why is my Twitch Viewer Count not accurate?

Twitch viewer count sometimes doesn’t show you the correct number of viewers during a stream. Or is it? What if you are wrong? What if the Twitch “Viewer Count” is actually accurate?