Streamer screaming on the microphone during game

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Why Toxic Streamers are common on Twitch

Toxic streamers are common in Twitch. Many Top 100 streamers on Twitch are toxic streamers that like to swear and scream during a stream. Why they are so popular?

Spam message on Twitch

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Why is Twitch Chat so Toxic?

Toxicity is normal on Twitch, especially in the chat room where any viewers can message to each other.

Twitch streamers playing game

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List of Banned Games on Twitch You Must Not Stream in 2021

Do you ever wonder which game you can’t play on Twitch? Yes, you can’t play all kinds of game on Twitch. You need to know which game you must not play, or else you can be banned if you play the game during your stream on Twitch.