All You Need to Know About Sport on Twitch

Sport is frequently streamed on Twitch. Whether it’s an actual sports event with commentary or sport in the form of a video game, many viewers like to watch sport on Twitch

F1 2021

Because Twitch is mainly for e-sport, many Twitch streamers are confused about the rule of streaming sports matches and games on Twitch. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about top streamers that are streaming real sport on Twitch

Can you Stream Sport on Twitch?

You can stream real sport on Twitch. In fact, Twitch has a sports category on its website. The sports category on Twitch was recently launched in 2020, according to The Verge. Twitch launch a sports program to gain new userbases from sport enthusiasts

How Popular is Real Sport on Twitch?

Many Twitch Users watch sport even from Twitch. The standalone sports category usually show stream from soccer club and NBA event. Even though many people believe it’s impossible to bring professional sports events on gaming platforms, Twitch’s effort to branch the live streaming industry seems successful. According to Kotaku, Twitch’s sports category have been watched for 10 million hours on April 2021

Can you get DMCA for streaming Sport on Twitch

Most of the time, you won’t get DMCA takedown by streaming sports events on Twitch. But beware that some sporting event only allows licensed news company to cover their event, so there is the possibility of getting DMCA takedown on your stream

Make sure that you have already communicated with their advertising team before streaming a sport event on your Twitch channel

If you want to play safe, it’s better to focus your stream on the sports commentary part instead of the actual match.

Best Soccer Streamer on Twitch

Soccer (Football for the rest of the world) is one of the most popular games played by any age. It’s not surprising that soccer matches, whether it’s an actual match on the world or soccer in the form of a video game, are both frequently watched by Twitch viewers.

The current most popular Soccer Streamer on Twitch are True Geordie and Castro_1021

True Geordie

True Geordie Twitch Channel

True Geordie are popular streamers known for his popular soccer podcast “The Kick Off” on YouTube. In 2020, he moved to Twitch after Twitch announced the start of sports programming channel and partnership deals with Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain

Besides giving commentary on a soccer match, sometimes he streamed playing FIFA 2021. You can open his Twitch channel on this link:

How much did True Geordie earn after he moved to Twitch?

When True Geordie was on YouTube, it’s estimated that he earned around $350,000 a year. This doesn’t include sponsorship and deals that he got privately as one of the most popular sports channels on YouTube. It’s estimated that in 2020 before he moved his podcast to Twitch, he had a net worth of at least $1,400,000

After True Geordie moved his podcast to Twitch, he gets more than 800,000 views every month. As a Twitch partner with 225k followers and 2000 active subscribers, it’s estimated that he earned around $15,000 a month or 180,000 a year after the earning cut on Twitch.

Keep in mind that he still has a YouTube channel, and after moving his podcast to Twitch, his YouTube has been doubled. Yes, you got it right, he got more views and followers on YouTube after gaining new fans on Twitch

His total earnings for a year are around $500,000, not including private sponsorship and brand deals that he received more after moving to Twitch. It’s estimated that True Geordie current net worth as a Twitch streamer is around $1,800,000


Castro_1021 Twitch Channel

Castro_1021 is a YouTuber and full-time American FIFA streamer on Twitch. He is one of the rare small streamers that finally make it and become successful on Twitch. He started streaming on Twitch using his laptop on his parent’s house

Castro_1021 usually played FIFA 21, GTA V, and Call of Duty on his channel:

How much does Castro_1021 earn as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber?

Castro_1021 are both successful YouTuber and Twitch Streamers. He has 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, He gets around 300k views every time he uploads his video. Because He uploads his video every week, he gets 1.2 million views a month on his YouTube channel.

If we equal 1 thousand visits on his channel into $10 earning from ads, he gets 12,000 per month ($144,000 a year) from ads on his YouTube channel.

Castro_1021 has 3 million followers on his Twitch channel. It’s estimated that he earned up to $30,000 a month (360,000 a year) from subscriptions, ads, bits, and donations. Again, this still doesn’t include sponsorship and deals. Castro_1021 total earning is around $500,000 a year. The number is more likely to get higher because he got sponsored many times by gaming brands on his stream

Castro_1021 estimated net worth is 1.2 million dollars.

Best Basketball Streamer on Twitch

Basketball is the second most popular game after soccer, and it showed how popular it is on Twitch. Most basketball streamers play NBA 2K21 on their channel

The current most popular Basketball streamer on Twitch is Flight23white


Flight23white is famous for his video of reacting NBA videos. Flight23white is both YouTuber and Twitch Partner. Flight23white American currently known to play NBA 2K21 on his Twitch channel

You can open the Flight23white channel on this link:

Best Chess Streamer on Twitch

Anyone that frequently watched a new stream on Twitch knew the rise of the chess game on Twitch. Chess surprisingly is one of the most popular sport games streamed on Twitch. According to Twitch Metric, Chess ranked on Top 40 games on Twitch, with over 7 Million viewing hours of a chess game are streamed on Twitch every month. Chess was popularized on Twitch by a chess grandmaster streamer, GM Hikaru (Hikaru Nakamura)

GM Hikaru

GM Hikaru on

According to Wired, Hikaru Nakamura is a five-time US Chess Champion. At age 10, he achieved the “master” title and won a competition with Chess Master named Jay Bonin. His story doesn’t end here. At 15, he attained the chess “grandmaster” title, making him the youngest grandmaster of all time, until Samuel Sevian broke his record.

GM Hikaru is the reason why Chess became so popular on Twitch. It started when Hikaru Nakamura start teaching Chess to Felix “xQc”, the most popular streamer on Twitch. When xQc fan see how Nakamura teach Chess beautifully, many Twitch viewers fell in love on playing Chess on Twitch

The rise of the popular Chess Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit also help the increase the popularity of Chess on Twitch

Currently, GM Hikaru has around 1.3 million followers on his Twitch channel

How Much money does GM Hikaru Earn from Twitch?

GM Hikaru currently has four thousand subscribers on his Twitch channel. With 99% of his subscriber are Tier 1 Subscriber, GM Hikaru earn at least $12,000 per month just from his channel subscriber alone. As a Twitch Partner, GM Hikaru can make more money from Bits, ads, sponsorship

It’s estimated that GM Hikaru earns $16,000 per month from his Twitch channel. This still doesn’t include how much GM Hikaru make from his partnership with, Secret lab, and other brand sponsorship

Besides Twitch, GM Hikaru also has a YouTube channel that generates 700 k viewers every month. If every thousand views equal to $10 earning from ads, GM Hikaru earn $8000 per month on YouTube

Combined with GM Hikaru’s extra earning from his YouTube channel and Amazon Chess Book sales, GM Hikaru earns more than $25,000 per month ($300,000 a year). It’s estimated that GM Hikaru net worth is around $2,400,000

Best Baseball Streamer on Twitch

Even though not as popular as soccer and basketball, baseball games still have loyal fans that keep watching the game on Twitch. Currently, the most popular streamer that plays baseball games is Bengal



Bengal is a Partnered Streamer that mainly streams MLB The Show 21 on his Twitch channel. Currently, Bengal has 79k followers on his channel.

With 1,400 active subscribers on his Twitch channel, It’s estimated that Bengal earns $5000 per month from Twitch. You can view his channel on:

The Most Popular Sports Video Game on Twitch

Sports video games are popular on Twitch. Many streamers like playing FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21 because sports games have loyal group gamers who keep watching Twitch games.

The popularity of sport video games on Twitch never decreases because many gamers love watching sports games in real life. Because they love sport, they also want to play the sport in a video game.

Besides loving the sport, some gamers play the game simply because they want to play with their favorite sports team on the game. As a Manchester United fan, of course, I want to play the MU team on FIFA

So what are the most popular sport video games on Twitch? I looked at the total viewer’s hours on each game for a month to answer that question. The results are below, with the complete list in order of total viewing hours per the game following.


FIFA 21 Game Played on PC

FIFA 21 is a football (soccer) simulation video game published by EA as the continuation of the FIFA series. FIFA 21 is played both offline and online by millions of players from all around the world.

FIFA 21 is a different game from previous games in the FIFA series. The improved Player Career mode makes players keep playing and grinding to get a better player on the game.

FIFA 21 is currently ranked in the Top 25 games streamed on Twitch

It’s not surprising that FIFA 21 is the most popular sport game on Twitch in 2021. In fact, FIFA 21 almost overtook PUBG, with over 13 million streaming hours on Twitch in just July 2021 alone.

Chess Website

Chess historically is one of the oldest board games in the world. After the rising chess streaming star, GM Hikaru on Twitch, and the success of Queen’s Gambit, a Netflix show about Chess, Chess is currently the second most popular sport game on Twitch. Chess ranked on Top 40 games streamed on Twitch

Chess currently ranked on Top 40 games watched on Twitch

Usually, Chess that streamed on Twitch is not a chess game played using real Chess. Most Twitch streamers play Chess using virtual Chess on allows you to play Chess online against 50 million members from around the world. The best part of is, there is chess rank synchronization. So, if you’re a real chess master or grandmaster, you can register your rank on your account. frequently hold chess championship on Twitch, which why Chess remain popular after the hype went down

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Game

NBA 2K21 is a famous basketball simulation video game published by 2K Sports. Because it’s based on NBA, gamers can play with their favorite NBA team on the game.

NBA 2K21 is currently ranked in the top 50 games streamed on Twitch, with over four million viewing hours in July 2021

F1 2021

F1 2021 is the official video game published by EA Sports based on Formula One and Formula 2 2021 Championships. F1 2021 is the most popular racing game on Twitch, with over 3.5 million viewing hours in July 2021 alone

Currently, F1 2021 ranked at the top 60 games streamed on Twitch

MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 is a baseball video game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. MLB The Show 21 is based on Major League Baseball. MLB The Show 21 is the most played baseball game that streamed on Twitch.

With over two millions viewing hours on every month, MLB The Show 21 belong to the Top 100 game streamed on Twitch

Top 100, 2 million hours

PGA Tour 2K21

PGA Tour 2K21 is another game published by 2k Sports. It’s available on Windows, Switch, PS 4, and Xbox One. PGA Tour 2k21 is the most played golf game streamed on Twitch

NHL21 Hockey

NHL21 Hockey is the most popular hockey game on Twitch. Developed by EA Sport, it’s a game that aimed to grab hockey fans from Canada and worldwide. Sadly, for an unknown reason, NHL 21 Hockey is not available on Windows. So most Twitch streamers can only play the game on console.

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