How To run OBS as a Administrator. A Quick Guide to Improve your OBS Performance and Solve the GPU Limitation Bug

If you experience performance issues when using OBS, it may be caused by the limited allocation of your PC CPU, RAM and GPU resources. There is a little trick to solve this problem

OBS studio

By default, Windows always limit the maximum resources a program can get to prevent one program sucking too many available resources, crashing important system programs. It’s recommended to run your OBS as administrator to bypass this limitation

This guide is only applicable for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Mac OS has stricter resource allocation rules and less support for games, so you can’t use this trick

How to run your OBS Studio as an administrator

run administrator obs
  1. Click Windows start menu
  2. On the search bar, search OBS
  3. Right Click on OBS Studio (64bit)
  4. Click Run as administrator

You can now run OBS as an administrator on Windows 10 and Windows 11 easily

But, if you don’t want to bother to run as administrator each time you open OBS, you can easily create a shortcut for it

Create an administrator shortcut in OBS

To easily run OBS as administrator, we can create a shortcut that automatically runs as administrator if you click the shortcut

  1. From Start Menu, search OBS. Select Open File Location
open file location

2. Left-click once on OBS Studio (64bit) and then right-click to choose the properties

right click properties

3. Choose the Shortcut tab and click Advanced

advanced shortcut

4. Check the box on the “Run as administrator” option

administrator obs

5. Don’t forget to click OK to apply the change

Now every time you run the OBS from Start Menu, it will run in administrator mode.

How to automatically run OBS as administrator on startup

If you want to run OBS every time you start your PC, then you can use the Windows task scheduler to make the task easier.

  1. From the start menu, search task scheduler and click the search result
open task scheduler on windows 10

2. Click Task Scheduler Library and choose to create Task

create task on task scheduler

3. Type the task name. Let’s name it: OBS admin

create task general

4. Check “Run only when user is logged on” and “Run with highest privileges” options

5. Click the Triggers tab and choose New …

6. On Begin the Task, you can choose between “At log on” and “At startup”. At log on means, if you log on, wake up from sleep, restart and starting after shutdown, the task will be scheduled.

triggers scheduled task

For the “At startup” option, you need to restart or shut down your PC first before the task is scheduled

7. Click the Action tab and choose “New ….”

8. On the program/script, click browse and open

C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\

Choose obs64.exe

For argument, fill with –startreplaybuffer –minimize-to-tray.

Separate with space, don’t separate with a comma

script schedule task windows

9. Click the Setting tab and uncheck Stop the task if longer than 3 days, to prevent the scheduled task from automatically closed

windows schedule task setting

10. Click OK to save your scheduled task

11. Try to restart your PC to check the result

You can create a scheduled task using any app besides OBS. I suggest you to using the shortcut method to prevent the danger of abuse of administrator privilege.

Should you run OBS as an administrator?

OBS need GPU resource, even if you use x264 as a streaming encoding. If there is not enough GPU resource, you can experience dropped frame on your OBS. The game will take most of your GPU resources, and Windows can recognize that. So you should run OBS as an administrator to get a higher FPS for free

That’s why when Windows detect a game, it will give the most allocation to the game. This will bring a good result for most gamers, but not for streamers since OBS will be bugged at 95% GPU utilization.

By running OBS with administrator privileges, windows can allow extra priority to give additional GPU resources to OBS. Higher FPS means higher stream quality, making your Twitch stream better for viewers

In October 2019, OBS studio v24 already released the fix to prevent frame rate issues appearing when 95% GPU utilization is used. But, you can still gain extra performance by running OBS as an administrator.

Beware that running a program as an administrator will bring a security risk. If you accidentally run a malicious program as an administrator, it can access and edit all your system and private file.

Make sure you download OBS from the official website and use the officially released plugin. Never use any cracked plugin on your OBS, especially if you need to give your OBS administrator privilege.

You can download OBS here:

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