Restream – A Helpful Tool for YouTubers and Live Streamers

Restream is an online service that can help YouTubers and Live streamers stream their videos on multiple streaming platforms What is Restream? Restream is a cloud-based service that lets you stream your video content to up …


Restream is an online service that can help YouTubers and Live streamers stream their videos on multiple streaming platforms

What is Restream?

Restream is a cloud-based service that lets you stream your video content to up to thirty streaming platforms simultaneously. Besides multistreaming, Restream also has analytic and chat integration tools that can help streamer improve their broadcasting experience when they use Restream.  

Because Restream is a cloud-based service, you don’t need to install additional software on their PC. After connecting your Restream account with your Twitch or YouTube account and choose the targeted platforms to be multistream with, it will automatically transfer the stream to all connected platforms.

Restream is easy to use. It can connect with popular streaming software like OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and many others. Even without using any software, you can broadcast your video  by only using your webcam and microphone

Is Restream free?

You can sign up as a free account on Restream, it let you access to 90% of tool and feature available. Restream is free if you only need the basic features provided on the free account. If you want the premium feature and 24/7 support, you need to pay for the premium subscription

List of Features on Restream Free Account

1. No hidden Billing

Restream free account is completely free. You don’t need to spend money or write your credit card information to get the free features on Restream

2. Multistreaming capability

The main attraction on Restream is the features to live stream simultaneously on 30+ social platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Gaming, and more

3. Restream Studio can replace your live streaming software

Restream Studio is a new feature that lets you use to live streaming your video gameplay, podcast, and other streaming activity without using any streaming software. You can replace your OBS studio with Restream studio

4. Free Analytics insight

Restream Analytics will provide you complete data from streaming duration, number of viewers from each platform, peak viewing time, number of active chatter and many more

5. Free Live Chat service that connects to all 30+ connected social platforms

Since Restream will multistream your content to multiple platforms, it will be hard for your viewer to chat with you directly. Luckily, Restream Chat will allow you to use one chat room across all connected streaming platform

6. Free Copyright-free background music on Restream Studio

Copyright infringement is a serious issue that plagues many streamers. If you decide to use Restream Studio, you can use the provided copyright-free background music from Restream for free.

7. Limited Support for Free Account

You can receive limited support help from the Support team as a free user. Beware that only Restream premium user has the priority to get a quick answer for their problem

List of Restream Premium Features

1. No Watermark

The main disadvantage of using the free version is you will get a Restream watermark on your stream. Paying the premium subscription to remove this watermark. You can also add your own custom logos and watermark to your stream

2. Personalize your stream

If you want to add stream overlay and visual effect in Restream Studio, it’s possible in the premium subscription plan. Customizing your stream will be easier with the excellent integration on Restream studio

3. Enabling VOD’s on Restream

The main advantage of streaming on Twitch is, Twitch will save your past broadcast after you enable the VOD’s setting on your Twitch channel. This is possible in Restream by using the Stream recording features. After the stream ends, your stream will be saved automatically

4. Store your video on Restream’s Cloud

You will also get Restream’s cloud storage to save your video. This is a good convenience, and you don’t need to use Google Drive or iCloud to save your streaming video.

5. High Stream Quality

With the Restream premium plan, you can stream at FHD or 1080p quality and higher graphic quality

6. Restream Events to schedule your video

You can use Restream events to schedule a video to be uploaded or streamed on any social platforms you choose. So, when you want to go live on Twitch or YouTube, you can use Restream events to schedule your video

Of course, you still need to use Restream chat or chat streaming software to communicate with your audience when you go live

Restream Events

7. Proxy Streaming

With Proxy streaming, you can stream your content to a streaming platform that is blocked in your region. Some countries like China block YouTube and Twitch, so  you can use Restream Proxy to solve this issue

8. Fallback to Stream Backup

If you face interruption on your live stream, you can use the fail-safe stream backup feature to switch your stream into a backup stream. Maybe your PC suddenly gets a blue screen of the death error, or your internet connection suddenly disconnected. The backup features are important to prevent your stream from abruptly end

You can use the backup stream to tell your viewer that your live stream faces an issue and will be fixed in minutes. This can prevent losing your viewer when your stream face a sudden interruption

Should I buy the Restream Premium Subscription?

Restream free account features are enough for most streamers. But suppose you need premium features like Stream recording, custom branding, FHD or higher streaming quality and the integrated analytic features. In that case, you need to spend on the premium monthly subscription. It’s worth it if you are a professional that needs the premium features to upscale your live streaming experience

List of Restream Integration

Restream keep adding new integration to various live streaming tool and video editing services. This integration can help you to use Restream with your favorite software. Here is the list of services you can use with Restream

1. OBS Studio

You can use Restream along with OBS Studio. Since most Twitch streamers and YouTubers use OBS Studio as their live streaming software, it will be weird if you can’t use Restream with OBS Studio

2. Zoom

Restream allow integration allow with Zoom meeting. There are many ways to use Restream with Zoom. You can use the pre-recorded video function to stream your video during a Zoom meeting

3. XSplit

Xsplit is a popular alternative live streaming software that combines important streaming functions such as overlay, chat widget, background modificication and many other features. XSplit partnered with Restream to deliver better integration to the user that uses both services

4. vMix

vMix, unlike OBS, is a combination of video mixing and live streaming software. Restream have software integration with vMix if you choose it as your default live streaming software

5. Typeform

If you need to create a question form on your stream, you can easily use Typeform to gather important feedback.

With Typeform integration on Restream, you can easily create a form in one click during your live stream.

6. Descript

Previously, most Restream users needed to use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve to improve the video quality on their pre-recorded videos. But now, you can easily edit your video using Descript

Descript will transform your video into a transcript. You can edit the transcript to remove a part of the video or audio from the finished video

Not only that, Descript has a feature to create an AI voice from your recording, which can transform the text into your AI voice. This is huge because you don’t need to redo your podcast after making a massive mistake on your podcast.

Just let the AI create a voice of you speaking from the edited transcript

Descript Integration with Restream

Using Restream with Descript allows you to create a fantastic video for your live stream using AI and transcript-based editing.

Just delete some of the text from the transcript, and it will delete the part of the video reflected from the transcript. This is useful to eliminate repeated waste words like “Uh” and “So” from your stream or if you want to remove an embarrassing part from the video quickly

After editing the video on Descript, you can export it into Restream video storage by using the new import feature on Restream.

After importing your edited video to Restream, you can schedule it to start streaming the video live on the selected social platforms

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