Poggers Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin 

Many Twitch users like to comment Poggers on Twitch. With emote extension like BTTV, it will show an emotes of a surprised frog

Poggers emote

Every time you watch streamers on Twitch, you may notice that frog emotes are more likely to appear in the chat room than the other emotes. The name of this emote is Poggers. Veteran Twitch users will understand what the user wants to express just by sending the emotes

And not just Twitch, Poggers is also widely used on Reddit and YouTube, especially among popular gaming communities like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, and Valorant. Millennial gamers are more likely to use these emotes than Gen Z. 

If you have just started watching streamers playing games on Twitch, you may wonder what the meaning behind the emote and why Twitch users keep using it is? 

You have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain the meaning of Poggers emote, and the correct way to use this emote is.  We will also discuss the history of the term and the reason why people keep using Poggers on Twitch and other gaming community

What is Poggers Emote on Twitch?

Poggers is a frog emote released by BTTV on February 23th, 2017.  Poggers is an emote derived from Pepe The Frog meme family. Poggers is an emote that is mostly used on Twitch but still used on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. When a Twitch user sends a Poggers emote, it will show an image of a frog expressing that he is surprised.

Poggers, as an emote, is easy to understand just by looking at the image. Poggers shows a frog with the expression of surprise, shock, and excitement. It usually points out that an event that just happened puts you into a state of shock, excitement, and disbelief. 

Poggers is the most popular emote to show shocked emotion on Twitch. As an emote, Poggers will convey an easily identified meaning when people use it

What does Poggers mean?

Poggers emote is usually sent by a Twitch viewer to let the streamer know that they are doing something awesome and celebrate it by mass sending Poggers emotes on the chat room. Getting the emotes on your chat room lets you know that your viewer enjoys your live stream. 

In a nutshell, Poggers is used to express shock and disbelief. 

Besides telling other people that they are shocked by something amazing happening during the Twitch stream, Poggers will also convey the feeling of excitement or anxiety.

History of Poggers Emote

Historically, Poggers is an emote that belongs to the Pepe family or Pepe the Frog Comic Strip by Matt Furie. The comic was drawn in the early 2000s, and many early generation of memes were created based on Pepe The Frog character

Poggers were infamously used extensively by a certain political movement group to express  “I’m surprised” look as sarcasm toward USA government policy. This political tool was outside of the author intent when he created the character

Pepe the Frog comic has already stopped being produced by its creator because it’s extensively used as a hate speech symbol. 

The meaning behind the emote became positive when it became popular on Twitch. It expresses many emotions from just a single image, depending on the context. 

Twitch users started to use Poggers emote to express excitement to other chatters and the streamer.

It became so popular that, Twitch users will send Pogggers emotion every time something amazing happens during the live stream. Nobody types the word “Wow!!” or “Awesome!” anymore. Poggers is enough to show that you are surprised

Thanks to Pepe The Frog’s popularity that arises from Poggers on Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, Matt Furie managed to sell an NFT of Pepe the Frog for $ 3.4 million. Even if Pepe the Frog NFT is already sold by the creator, Poggers still remain as a public property that can be used by gamers freely without any restriction

Is Poggers a real word?

Poggers is not a real English word since we can’t find the word in Oxford Dictionary. But as slang, Poggers is a popular word that made it to the Urban Dictionary, which describes it as an “Epic Word.”

Another meaning of Poggers, according to Urban Dictionary is:

A twitch emote typically used to express enthusiasm, enthrallment, or other sophisticated emotions of happiness and dopamine.

Poggers has a dedicated page on Know Your Meme, proving that Poggers as a cultural meme is big enough to be separated from its parent, the Pepe the frog meme. 

Is Using Poggers Emotes bad and offensive?

Currently, Poggers emote is not considered a bad or negative word since most people use Poggers emote to express excitement. Poggers is a good word that expresses positive enforcement and hype. 

Even though historically, Poggers emote is extensively used by a political group, the meaning behind the emotes already evolved to something positive and used by most gamers around the world. Most gamers will understand when you are using Poggers emote; you’re not trying to be offensive and mean

How to Use Poggers emote in Twitch chat

To use Poggers emote in Twitch chat, you need to install an emote extension plugin like the FrankerFaceZ or Better TwitchTV (BTTV) plugin first on your web browser. Without emote extension, Poggers will only show a wall of text instead of an image of Poggers emote

The reason why you need to install emote extension plugin like BTTV is because there is no official Poggers emote on Twitch. Maybe because the past history of Poggers emotes make Twitch hesitant to add an official Poggers emote on their platform

Check out our guide on How to install BTTV and FrankerFaceZ plugin on your web browser, so you can start to use Poggers on Twitch

How to Use Poggers Emote Correctly?

Since Poggers have multiple meanings, there are many ways to use Poggers emote, especially on Twitch. The most crucial point to remember is to make sure you use Poggers when something amazing or unexpected happens on a Twitch stream

For example, in a Valorant game, Shroud managed to kill all five enemies alone, rewarding him a Pentakill or Ace announcement. As a Shroud fan, you should send a Poggers emote on Shroud’s chat room

How to use Poggers emote on Discord?

Poggers is also popularly used in many Discord servers, but it’s not available as a default emotes on Discord. To use Discord, your Discord Server Mod must allow the use of Poggers emote on their server

If you’re a Discord Server Creator or Moderators, then you must upload the emotes first into your Discord server

We have already made a detailed guide on how to Upload Twitch Emotes on your Discord Server

Frequently Asked Question about Poggers

Poggers became popular because it replaced the recently banned Pogchamp emote. Poggers design is cute and funny, which make most gamer love to use Poggers when they don’t know what emote to type on Twitch chat room

Other Pepe The Frog Twitch Emotes Beside Poggers

Besides Poggers, there are many emotes based on the Pepe The Frog meme on Twitch. Of course, just like Poggers emote, you can only use these emotes after installing the BTTV extension. Here is popularly used Pepe the Frog emotes you can use according to Trending BTTV:

Pepega Twitch Emote


Sadge Twitch Emote


PepeHands Twitch Emote


PepeLaugh Twitch Emote


MonkaS Twitch Emote


EZ Twitch Emote


Why is Poggers not an official Twitch emote?

Poggers will never become official Twitch emotes due to its dark history. Twitch is very strict on the officially supported emote on their platform. It’s a risky and unnecessary move for Twitch that will garner negative media attention

Why Can’t I See Poggers Emote Image on Twitch?

Because Poggers is not an official Twitch emote, you need to install BTTV emotes extension first on your web browser. Without installing BTTV, you will only see the word “Poggers” on the Twitch chat room

If after installing BTTV you still can’t see Poggers emote, then try to reinstall your extension or contact their support page.

Can I Use Poggers as Subscription Emotes on My Twitch Channel?

According to Twitch Help, you cannot use Poggers or other emotes similar to Poggers as your Channel Subscription Emotes because it breaks the “Respect the Rights of Others” Rule and violate Twitch Brand Assets Guidelines


Poggers is an emote that have unique history on Twitch and other gaming community. It’s still used today even after many controversies arise from Pepe The Frog Meme and Pogchamp’s emote creator. You can start to use Poggers emote on your favorite Twitch streamers without any worries

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