How to Make Your Twitch Stream Looks Professional

Knowing how to make your streams look more professional in Twitch viewers’ eyes is a step that beginner Twitch streamers must learn to grow their streaming skills.

Sykkuno Amazing Valorant Stream

The point of being a Twitch streamer is to make your viewers watch your live stream. Because there are many streamers these days competition for a small number of viewers, Twitch users have been increasingly picky on which streams they want to watch

After analyzing from various experienced Twitch Partners on how they present their stream, we listed 6 tips you must follow to make your live stream looks professional, even in the eye of the pickiest Twitch user in the world

If your stream is structured just like professional streamers on Twitch, viewers will be more willing to watch your stream in the future. No matter what, people will always be attracted to good design, according to New York Times

6 Tips To Make your Twitch Stream Looks Professional

1.    Create your own Brand from your Twitch channel

The first mistake when a streamer started a Twitch channel is thinking that they only need to stream and wait for the viewers to come

While this assumption can’t be considered wrong, you need to view Twitch from the lens of viewers objectively. When you open Twitch, would you rather watch a streamer with 0 views, OR you watch popular streamers like xQc or Ludwig

Most people will choose the popular ones simply because they are recognizable, and you knew that you will enjoy their stream

So you must be like them, creating a brand on Twitch so everyone can recognize you

Wait a minute, isn’t it too hasty? What’s the point of building a brand when nobody will watch my stream? That’s the point buddy, you need to create a brand first so someone will watch your stream, and after that, you can grow your brand

Your Brand can be anything. It can be from your streaming style or the game you played on. Start from your channel name. Make sure your channel name is related to your brand. Luckily, you can change your Twitch name if you’re unsatisfied with the current one.

Usually, streamers choose short channel names to make their name easily recognized on Twitch

Tyler1 Stream

Most LoL players know about Tyler1, right? It’s because he already built his brand as a professional LoL player and streamer. Even though he is popular because he always screams and mald on his stream, but that is beside the point. He became famous because he built his brand from the way he played LoL (and mald)

Ninja Twitch stream

If you’re a Fortnite player, then you know about Ninja, right? Even though he already fell from the altar, a portion of his fan keep watching his stream. Not only that, he still gets million-dollar sponsorship, something that more popular streamers won’t ever get.

Ninja gets the sponsorship because he is the face of Fortnite and Twitch, even if his channel only have an average of 2k active subscribers, which is little compared to the more popular Twitch channel

This is the benefit of building a brand, so you need to aim it first at the beginning

2.    Become a Twitch Affiliate

Twitch Affiliate is important if you want to make your stream quality better than the others. Because it unlocks many features that can help make your stream better. If the design is good, channel emotes can define your brand.

Twitch Affiliate is also important status on Twitch because without having subscription badge and channel emotes, Twitch users won’t see you as an established streamer on Twitch

If you want to become Twitch Affiliate, we had already made a guide on How to get Twitch Affiliate in less than 2 weeks

3.    Create your own Streaming Persona

Streaming Persona is the personality of your stream that you want to show to your audience. If built right, your streaming persona can be considered as your brand

Of course, having a streaming persona, just like I explained in my article on 9 Tips to Get More subscribers on your Twitch channel, doesn’t mean you’re a fake person faking a personality just to get by on Twitch

Streaming persona is an exaggeration of your current personality because if you want to impress viewers on Twitch, you can’t be like speaking politely to a stranger like in real life

You need to ask yourself first what your personality is in real life and what kind of content you want to create from streaming. Do you want to create a chill stream so people can relax on your stream? Or become a comedic streamer that wants to make your viewers laugh at your joke?

You can choose which streaming persona you want to show to your viewers based on what game you streamed on your channel. Make sure it doesn’t deviate too much from your real personality

4.    Have a Good Channel Design

From your Twitch channel logo, banner, sub badge, and channel emotes, you should hire graphic designer to design them

Sykkuno good channel design

An example of a streamer having a good channel design is Sykkuno. Everything about him, from his cartoonish logo, banner, overlay, and other design, is shown in green color (or blue if he is in shark mode to GawrGura).

His fan can easily distinguish him just from his green player color every time he played with his friend. Unconsciously, Sykkuno is associated with green color.

Have a Custom Offline Screen for your Twitch channel

With an offline screen banner, you can promote your social media account and your Twitch channel while you’re not streaming if a viewer opens your channel link while you’re offline.

If you want to have a good offline screen banner, make sure you include a good background image, channel logo, your social media account and other important information for your Twitch channel.

The goal is to leave a good impression, even if they don’t watch your VOD’s. I have already made a detailed guide on How to add an offline screen banner to your Twitch channel in case you’re interested.

Don’t forget to provide your discord server link on the offline screen banner so they can interact with your channel’s community by using your private discord server

5.    Choose a good title and tags for your stream

When you write the title of your stream, don’t create a random name for your stream title. The first thing Twitch users see is your stream title when they browse the channel on Twitch.

What is a Good Title for Twitch Stream?

If you use a random title, they won’t be interested in watching your stream. So you need to create a good title for your stream to attract Twitch viewers’ attention.

The best advice is to follow these rules for your stream title

  1. Write easy to understand but catchy title

Example: “Former Rank 1 USA Trying to Regain My Throne”

  • Include keyword of the game you played

Example: “Playing Challenger rank games on LoL”

  • What do you want to do on your stream

Example: “Comfy stream with Friends” or “Journey to Rank 100 on EU server”

Which Tag should I Choose for my Twitch Stream?

Tags are important because they let Twitch know the category and type of your stream from the tags. Most streamers add tags based on the genre of the game they played, so If they stream League of Legends, then don’t forget to tag your stream with a MOBA tag

This is not the best practice on how to use Twitch Tags. You can add tags based on the challenge on your stream. For example, if you want to stream a speed run, then add the “Speedrun” tag.

If you don’t know what Tags you should choose for your stream, the best choice is always to choose the game genre and your stream language. If you stream Fortnite, then choose “Battle Royale” and “English.”

6.    Invest In Good Streaming Setup

Streaming setup from your PC hardware, accessories, and software can determine how good your streaming quality will be

If your GPU can’t handle streaming a game at high quality, then you will be forced to stream at a lower quality compared to the other streamers. So make sure that your PC build and internet speed is strong enough to play and stream the game

Besides hardware spec, accessories like microphones and webcam can influence how good the input quality will be. Even if you have RTX 3090, it will be useless if you don’t have a good microphone because your viewers can’t hear your voice during the stream


There are many ways to increase the stream quality looks like a stream made by popular Twitch streamers.  Some of those steps are easy to do even for beginners and won’t cost you any money.  Making your stream looks better can increase viewers retention on your stream

Philip Maynan is a hobbyist streamer and digital artist. What he loves most are writing, gaming, and drawing. Currently, he focuses on blogging and learning digital art.

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