How to Link Your Twitch channel to Discord

Discord and Twitch are a perfect match. Both are popular with gamers and used by the gaming community to communicate with each other. You can link your Twitch channel to Discord account

Connect Twitch to Discord

Discord is the primary message platform that most gamers used to play and communicate with their friend. Linking your Discord account to Twitch can benefit both streamers and viewers.

Discord can be a great way for streamers to communicate with their fan and create a community from their channel. After the integration, your viewers can participate on Discord with a sub badge and unique roles on each discord server.

It’s easy to integrate your discord account into your Twitch account. With the many benefit that comes from it, there is no disadvantage for linking your account. The guide below explains how to connect your discord account to your Twitch account

How to Link your Twitch Account to Discord:

You need to open the Discord application on Desktop (Both Windows and Mac) to link your Discord account to Twitch

1. Open Discord Application and Login to Your Account

2. Click the Setting icon on the lower-left corner. It will be next to your profile name, the mute and the deafen icon 

3. On the left menu, click “Connections” on the “User Settings” section

Open User Setting and Connection on Discord

4. There will be many lists of social media account that can be connected with Special Discord integration, click the Twitch icon at the most left part of the section

Authorize Discord access on Twitch

5. A Twitch login confirmation will be opened on your web browser. Click “Authorize” to confirm the connection between your discord account and your Twitch account

Twitch account connected on Discord

According to Discord Support, there is no additional requirement to link your discord account to Twitch so that any Twitch users can link their account to Discord. To check whether your discord account is already connected to Twitch or not, you can check below the Connection section

After Syncing your Discord account to Twitch, you can create a sub only private Discord server for your Twitch channel

How to Create a Sub only Discord Server as a Twitch Streamers

1. Link your Discord account to the Twitch channel’s account first.

2. Create a new Discord Server by Clicking the Plus Button at the left menu above the compass icon

Create a new discord server

3. Choose “Create My Own” to create your Twitch Channel’s Discord server

4. Click “For a Club or Community”, then type the name of the server you want to make. It’s better to refer to your Twitch channel name

Naming discord server

5. Click the “Create” button

6. Go to your server profile, right-click on it. Click Server Setting > Twitch Integration. This setting can only be shown if you are Affiliated and Partnered Streamer

Sub only server integration
Image Source: Discord Support

Syncing between Twitch and Discord will be refreshed every hour. So if there is a new subscriber joined the discord server, it will take 1 hour before they are added to the server

How to Join Sub only Discord Server as a Twitch Viewers

1. Sync your Twitch account with your Discord account first

2. Discord will automatically scan the channel you have been subbed with

3. In the “Connection” section, it will show all subscribed channels that have a private discord server. Choose which server you want to join, then click “Join Server”

4. After joining the server, it will take up to 1 hour for your Twitch data to sync with the discord server. So you need to wait before you can communicate and get a Sub Role on the private server

Should You Connect Your Twitch Channel To Discord?

Connecting your Twitch channel to the Discord server can bring benefits to both streamers and viewers. Streamer can create their private server where only their subscribers can join. This can increase channel subscribers. It also creates a sense of belonging in your subscribers, which can be helpful if you want to get a long life fan on your channel

Because your viewers need to become channel subscribers first before they can join the discord server, this is an excellent way to promote subscriptions on your channel. On the server, you can do a private QnA session or holding a giveaways

Because Discord is popular among gamers, usually Twitch Partners are expected to have a Discord server for their channel. So no matter what, it’s better to create the server sooner than later. It can also make your channel emotes more popular because channel emotes can be allowed on your discord server

Many Twitch users are actively engaged on Discord. So there is no harm in linking your Twitch account on Discord. Besides connecting to Twitch, there are more social media accounts you can be connected to on Discord. You can connect your Reddit account, YouTube channel, Instagram account, Twitter account, Facebook account, Spotify, Battle Net, and Xbox Online account

How to Unlink Twitch account from Discord

After syncing, in case you want to change the discord account you’re synced with or doesn’t want to keep synced, then it’s easy to unlike the integration

1. Login to your Discord account and click the setting icon at the lower-left corner beside the headphone icon

2. Click the “Connections” option on the “User Settings” section

3. Click the X icon on the right box of your Twitch profile

How to completely disconnect Discord on Twitch

Even after unlinking your account, Discord can still access your Twitch data. So you need to disconnect it on your Twitch account

1. Log in to your Twitch channel’s account, and open your account profile by clicking your profile image, then choose “Setting” from the menu

2. On the top menu, click “Connection”

Disconnect discord account on Twitch

3. Scroll down, on the “Other Connections” section, “click Disconnect” on the Discord row

How to add Discord Server link to your Twitch Channel Panel

Invite People Discord Server Menu

1. Get your Discord server link first by right click your server profile and click “Invite People”

Getting Discord Server Link

2. Check the option to “Set this link to never expire” and then copy the link by clicking the “Copy button”

3. Open Twitch on the web browser and log in to your account

4. Click your profile image, click the “Channel” option

Edit Panel on your Twitch account

5. On the top menu, click About. Then click “Edit Panels”

6. Scroll down, fill in the panel name, panel link with your Discord server link and for panel image, upload a discord image (which can easily be downloaded at Google Image)

Adding discord server link to Twitch panel

7. On Description, you can fill in with “Discord Sub-Only Private Server” or any other descriptive text to explain that you have a sub-only server for your channel subscriber

8. Click the “Submit” Button

How to fix Discord and Twitch integration not working

In case after linking both of your accounts but you can’t create or join the sub-only server, then there are many solutions to fix this problem

1.      Wait 1 Hour for Discord to get your Twitch Data

After linking your Twitch account on Discord, it will take time before both of your accounts are completely synced. Usually, it takes less than a minute, but it can take up to 1 hour in some cases. So wait for 1 hour first before trying other methods

2.      Reinstall your Discord Application

Sometimes Discord application can be buggy after changing some of your settings. If restarting the application can’t do anything, then try to reinstall it first

3.      Re-link your Twitch account to Discord

You can unlink your account using my guide above by opening the User Setting >> Connection >> Clicking X button on the Twitch section

Then press the Twitch icon again to relink Twitch to Discord

4.      Contact to both Twitch and Discord Support

If your problem still persists, you should contact both Twitch and Discord support teams. Because Both Twitch and Discord can have an issue that breaks the sync between them. Usually, bugs and problems are fixed in less than 1 day, so you should wait 1 day before contacting their support team

Last year, Discord had an issue on their server, which cause a problem with the integration API.

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