[Solved] What is Twitch Error #1000?

Twitch error 1000 sometimes occur to certain viewers or even the streamer itself. There are many factors why Twitch error #1000 appear on your screen. This article will help you troubleshoot the error

Twitch error 1000: video was cancelled

Twitch errors can disturb your experience watching the stream. It’s more fatal if you’re the streamer and the stream ended forcibly because of an error

Twitch Error #1000 is a common error that easy to solve with quick solution

What is Twitch Error #1000

Twitch error #1000 happen when the browser can’t download the videos of the stream from Twitch because of a sudden issue. It can occur on all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox. Twitch Error 1000 can happen to the streamer which in this case caused by streaming software error when the stream ended suddenly

Twitch Error #1000 will cause the stream to suddenly stop and this issue can repeatedly disappear and arise if left unfixed

There are two variations of message that will appear on the Twitch screen when Error 1000 happen

What is the variation of Twitch Error #1000?

There are two variations of Twitch Error#1000

  1. Twitch Error 1000: Media Playback Aborted
  2. Twitch Error 1000: The video download was cancelled. Please try again

Both variations of Error 1000 can be caused by the same or/and different causes. Usually, the most common cause for both errors is Cookie and Cache Issue on Twitch.

What caused the Twitch Error 1000: Media Playback Aborted error?

Cookie and Cache Issue

Media Playback Aborted can also be caused by Cookie and cache issues on your web browser

This is the most common cause of all kinds of errors on Twitch. Start by deleting your cookie and cache first before searching for other fixes

RAM or CPU overload

Media Playback Aborted only occur when the browser can’t process the streaming video.

If you stream at slow preset and high-quality resolution (Above 1440p), not all the viewers pc or smartphones can process the stream

High-quality resolution video demands high processing power from the CPU. If your viewers watch the stream on a budget smartphone, even if they reduce the resolution and quality of the stream, it can still cause their smartphone to freeze

Because even if your stream is compressed in their smartphone because the native or original resolution was higher, it will still strain their CPU

For example, 1440p stream downgraded to 720p will still be at a higher quality than you stream at 720p natively

Outdated Web Browser

Outdated Web Browser can also cause this issue. Latest version of the web browser introduces HTML5, HTTP/3 protocols and many updates to security and video processing

If you use Outdated Web Browser, then your web browser can’t process the video from Twitch

What caused the Twitch error 1000: The video download was cancelled. Please try again?

“The video download was cancelled. Please try again. (Error #1000)” occur when the browser can’t download the stream video from the Twitch server.

It can be caused by many factors, similar to Media Playback Aborted error

  • Outdated Web Browser
  • Browser Incompatibility (Commonly on Safari, Brave, and many else)
  • Rare bug
  • Unstable Internet Speed
  • Cookie and Cache Issue on Twitch

6 Tips on How to Solve Twitch Error 1000

1.      Refresh the Web Browser

The error can be automatically resolved when you refresh Twitch on your web browser. Even if you don’t refresh, Twitch will ask the web browser to refresh itself so the video content can be redownloaded by the web browser

Usually, the issue will be resolved by itself by refreshing the browser. Head into the next fix if the issue still persists

2.      Clear Twitch Cookies and Cache on your Web Browser

Because Cookies and Cache Issue is the common cause of Twitch Error 1000, clearing your cache and cookie will resolve the Error 1000 Issue most of the times

You can choose to delete only Twitch cache and cookies or delete your entire cookies and cache on your web browser. It’s recommended to choose the second option because sometimes other website saved data can cause an error on your web browser

For example, YouTube and Netflix cookies can cause an error on Twitch on a rare occasion

How to Delete Cookies and Cache on Your Web Browser

All Web Browsers have the same setting.

Just Click Ctrl+Shift+Del on Windows or Command  ⌘ +Shift+Del on your keyboard to open the Clear browsing data options. Each web browser has a different user interface. Make sure Cookies and site data/Cache is selected. Click Clear data.

How To delete cookie and cache On Google Chrome:

privacy and security setting at google chrome
  1. Heads up to the top right corner of Google Chrome, click the triple-dot
  2. From the downward submenu choose Setting
  3. Select the “Privacy and Security” panel on the left sidebar
  4. Click “Clear Browsing Data”
  5. Choose the duration on the time range, and make sure the option of “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are turned on.
  6. Click Clear Data
  7. Wait until the cache and cookie are deleted. It may take 5-30 seconds depending on how much cookies and cache on your Google Chrome
clear all browsing data on google chrome

How to delete cookies and cache on Mozilla Firefox

  1. At the top right, click the triple line then from the menu choose “Setting”
  2. Scroll down, on the left sidebar, choose the Privacy & Option
  3. On the top part of the screen, you can see “Cookies and Site Data”.
  4. Click the Clear Data… option. The Clear Data dialogue will appear.
  5. Turn on the Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content option
  6. Click Clear.

You can open this link for more information: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clear-cookies-and-site-data-firefox





3.      Set the bitrate of the stream below 6,000kbps

According to Twitch, the maximum bit rate is 6000kbps. The bitrate of the video will determine the video quality of your stream. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of the stream, making the web browser work harder to process the stream

Twitch Error 1000 can occur in both the streamer and the viewer when the stream is set at a bitrate higher than 6000kbps

Of course, the solution is to change the bitrate setting on your streaming software. If the error still persists when the bitrate changed to 6000 kbps, then lower it to 5000 kbps or 4500 kbps. Most streamers set their bitrate at 4500 kbps

4.      Update your browser

Updating your web browser to the latest version can resolve error 1000. It can also secure your web browsing experience and fix the bug that has been reported.

For Google Chrome, copy this link and open it on your Chrome:


It will automatically check your Google Chrome version. Just click “Update” if there is the new version of Chrome detected

5.      Turn off hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration on Twitch can help to reduce CPU and RAM consumption during streaming by allowing your web browser to use GPU on your PC or smartphone when you watch a stream on Twitch

Sometimes a bug in your GPU can cause error 1000.

Try to disable it first, below are the step process on Google Chrome

Disable hardware acceleration on Google Chrome
  1. Heads up to the top right corner of Google Chrome, click the triple-dot
  2. From the downward submenu choose Setting
  3. On the search menu, type Hardware acceleration
  4. Turn by making the switch to left

If the issue fixed, update your GPU driver to permanently fix this issue

6.      Reset Your Web Browser

If all above solution doesn’t solve the issue, then you need to reset your Web Browser to the default setting

Below are the stop on how to reset your Google Chrome browser

restore google chrome setting to the original defaults
  1. Heads up to the top right corner of Google Chrome, click the triple-dot
  2. From the downward submenu choose Setting
  3. On the search menu, type Reset
  4. Choose “Restore settings to their original defaults”
  5.  A pop up will appear, telling you that it will

    • Reset Chrome settings and Chrome shortcuts
    • Disable extensions
    • Delete cookies and other temporary site data
  6. Click Reset Setting
reset setting confirmation on google chrome

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