How to See Who Follows You on Twitch?

If you’re curious about which Twitch users are following your Twitch channel, you can easily check it on your Twitch Followers List

See Who Follows You on Twitch

Maybe in your stream, you saw a Twitch user that keeps actively participating in the chat room. If you’re curious whether he followed your channel or not, you can easily check it by opening the creator dashboard

Besides knowing how many users follow your Twitch channel, it’s important to know which users are following your Twitch channel/ It’s a privilege for all Twitch users to see which users are following your Twitch channel.

How to See Who Follows You on Twitch?

Opening Followers List on Twitch
  1. Login into your Twitch account and click your profile icon at the top right corner. Click the “Creator Dashboard” menu to open your Twitch channel’s Creator Dashboard
  2. Click the “Community” at the left menu and click “followers List” from the dropdown menu 
  3. You will see the list of all your channel’s followers in ascending order from the date they follow you

The followers list will show your followers in ascending order according to the date they follow you. So, your newest followers will be at the top of the list. Meanwhile, your first follower will be at the bottom of the list

If you want to see the list of the newest recent followers on your Twitch channel, just look at the top of the followers list

If you want to search the name of one of your followers, you can use Ctrl + F in Windows and Cmd + F in Mac to use the search function on your web browser

You can open your follower Twitch account link from the follower list to add friends, block users, and follow them.

I don’t recommend you to follow the Twitch account of your follower, as I already explained in my article on Why your Followers count doesn’t mean anything on Twitch

There is no benefit from it and unfair to the other twitch users if you don’t follow them

How to See Who Follows Your Channels Using Twitch Mobile App?

You can’t see the followers list using the Twitch mobile app, but you can still see the follower count on your mobile app. If you still want to check who follows you using your smartphone or tablet, you can open Twitch on Google Chrome on your mobile device to see the follower list using the same method on desktop

Just like the same method to use on desktop,follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Twitch account on your mobile browser
  2. Click your Profile Icon and then click “Creator Dashboard”
  3. Click “Community” and then “Followers Lists” in order to see who follows your Twitch channel using your smartphone

Why can’t I Open the Creator Dashboard on Twitch Mobile App?

If you can’t open the Creator Dashboard from your smartphone, then you need to manually insert the link on your mobile browser

After login to your Twitch account, Copy and paste the link below on your web browser:

Change [Your-Twitch-Username] to your current Twitch account’s username and click Enter button

How to Check your Recent Followers on Twitch Mobile App

You can also see the list of your newest followers on the Twitch mobile app by using the activity feed features. Follow these steps below:

Opening Stream Manager on Twitch Mobile App
  1. Open Twitch Mobile App on your Android/iOS and login to your Twitch account
  2. Click the profile picture at the top left corner and click “Strem Manager” at the bottom menu
  3. You can see the activity feed, subscription history, chat room, and the list of the newest followers on your Twitch channel

If you want to hide some of the activity feed on the Twitch mobile app, click the cogwheel icon at the top right corner and disable feed you don’t want to see

But what if you want to see the followers list of other streamers? Maybe you want to see their followers list, so you want to replicate their strategy?

The good news is, you can see their followers list

How to See Other Streamers’ Followers Lists on Twitch?

Sykkuno Follower List Viewer
  1. Open the Twitch channel you want to see their follower list.
  2. Copy the username of their Twitch channel. The username can be seen on your web browser
  3. Open Followers list Viewer by Twitch Tool at:
  4. Paste the Twitch username and Click the “Show Followers” option

The list of the channel’s current followers will appear. All of Twitch channel data are open to see to the public, including your channel. There is no way to hide the follower list of your Twitch channel.

If you can’t use the Twitch Followers Tool, then wait for a while because it will take more times to process if you want to see the followers list of the big streamer that has millions followers

Follower List Viewer Loading

For example, I check Sykkuno’s Followers List, and it takes 2 hours to process the list of Sykkuno followers because he has 3.7 million followers on his channel

Seeing other streamer’s follower lists can be helpful to identify the list of Twitch users that follow their channel.

Usually, Twitch users prefer to follow multiple channels in a similar game category. You can identify which users are perfect for your niche and try to copy the followed streamers’ strategy to get their following. By copying the strategy from the experienced streamer, it can help you to become a Twitch Affiliate

How to See the list of Followed Channels from a Twitch User?

If you want to see which channel that a specific Twitch user had followed, then you can follow these steps:

Which People Sykkuno followed on Twitch
  1. Copy the username of the Twitch user you want to check
  2. Open Following List Viewer by Twitch Tools at:
  3. Paste the username and click the “Show Follows” button
  4. You will see the list of the channel that the users currently followed

You can use this tool in conjugation with the Followers List Viewer to check active Twitch users that follow the same channel on your niche

How to Know Which Users are Unfollowing Your Twitch Channel?

Twitch doesn’t provide you the “Unfollowers list” to protect the privacy of the user that stopped following your channel. But you can save the Follower List every week or month and compare the list to check if someone disappeared from the list. From this method, you can know which users are unfollowing your Twitch channel

Is it Necessary to Check the Followers List of your Twitch channel?

If you only have a small number of followers, there is merit to keeping track of your followers list because it’s easier to get close when you’re still small. But when you start to gain more followers, it’s getting less important to know which users are following and unfollowing your Twitch channel

To be honest, you don’t need to know the name of the people that follow and unfollow your channel because you can’t change anything with this information

So I recommend to just open the Channel Analytics menu to see the growth of your followers count on your Twitch channel instead of seeing your channel’s follower list, which will be a waste of Time

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