9 Tips to Get More Subscribers on your Twitch channel

Getting more subscribers on your Twitch channel can help to reduce the financial burden as a streamer.

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There are many ways to grow your Twitch subscribers. Number of subscribers are important, because the high number of subscribers are the proof that your viewers like your stream

If you are searching for a guide to growing your subscriber base, you can follow our guide which is analyzed from successful streamers on Twitch

How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch

  1. Motivate your viewers to Subscribe to your channel
  2. Create Subscription goals for your channel
  3. Be Different and Unique
  4. Create a Streaming Persona for your channel
  5. Create Unique emotes for your subscriber
  6. Celebrate every subscriber and gifted subs moment
  7. Create Sub-Only Discord Server
  8. Celebrate a special day by giving giveaway for your subscriber
  9. Give Subscription to your viewers

Don’t forget that you need to become a Twitch Affiliate first before you can get a subscriber on your channel.

Subscribers are important for your channel growth. Maybe when you just started you don’t care about channel metrics on the number of your current subscriber on your channel.

Channel subscribers are important if you want to treat streaming as a job instead of a side gig. Channel subscriber will pay you each month which you can be treated as a stable monthly wage for you as a streamer

Having more subscribers on your Twitch channel can make your position on Twitch stable. Since your viewers already paid for you, they will continue to watch your stream. According to Times, this tendency to keep watching the stream from the channel you subscribed to is called as “Sunk Cost Fallacy”

I will thoroughly explain the step on how to get more subscribers to your Twitch channel

Motivate your viewers to Subscribe to your channel

The best way to get subscribers is just by directly asking your viewer to subscribe. You may think this method is stupid and people won’t subscribe to your channel, but you’re dead wrong

You must see Twitch from the average viewer’s perspective, not from a streamer perspective. Many viewers don’t really understand what a subscription is. Many Twitch users don’t even know that you can get extra perks after subscribing to the channel

Not only that, many Twitch Users have Amazon Prime subscriptions. Amazon Prime membership will give Twitch users a free subscription for one channel each month. It will be a waste if your viewers don’t know this bonus given by Amazon

By asking and reminding your viewers to subscribe, your viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel. You can do the reminder every time you start and end the stream, so your viewers will remember to subscribe in case they have the extra money in their pocket

To be honest, it’s rare for Twitch streamers to ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel. Many streamers believe this is not polite behavior.

How to Remind your Viewers to Subscribe to your twitch Channel

Reminding your viewers may come as annoying to both you and your viewers. But you can make this reminder more creative.

Instead of saying “Hi guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

It’s better to say, “Wow, look at the boss, I nailed it easily. Subscribe to my channel for more pro gamer moves and get cool emotes and badge that you can show off to your friend!”

See? On the second message, your viewers will be happier to follow to your reminder compared to the first message which is similar to begging.

As long you don’t keep asking your viewers to subscribe for every few minutes which will definitely annoy your viewers, you can safely use this technique anytime during the stream

Create Subscription goals for your channel

Sometimes, streamers will post the goal of the number of subscriptions on their channel. Usually, after achieving the goal, they will do some celebration act promised before

Creating subscription goals is a good practice to increase the number of the subscriber on your channel.

Don’t be shy to share your goal. If your viewers know your goal, they will be happy to help. Many Twitch users are generous in buying a subscription on a new streamer’s channel that they believe has good potential to succeed

Besides motivate your viewers, it can inspire you to keep streaming and attain your dreams as a streamer on Twitch.

Why are Subs goals are a good idea for new streamers

It’s a good idea for new Affiliated streamer to post their goal to get the first 10 subscribers. Because it’s a small number to be achieved, some of your loyal viewers will immediately subscribe to attain the goal

Many of your viewers that had already subscribe can gift the subscription to new viewers just to help you to complete the goal. The new viewers that get the gift are more likely to stick to your channel

Be Different and Unique

If you want to get more subscribers on Twitch, you need to be different and unique from the other streamer. Being different from the other streamers can make you stand out on Twitch

Open Twitch on the category game you played and research the top ten streamers on the game you played

Evaluate what strategies make them successful, and write the difference between each of them. Highlight the point of what the top streamer does but you don’t do.

After evaluating the top ten streamers, you quickly realize that most of them are different. They have a different streaming style that attracts a different kinds of viewers on Twitch.

Now compare the result with the average streamers on Twitch

If you carefully analyze the content of the stream from most of the streamers on Twitch, most of their stream usually have similar formula behind them.

They play the same game, on the same hour and stream with a similar streaming style that makes them undistinguishable when Twitch users browse their channel

Why should you follow in their footstep? With the result of the comparison, being different is the recipe to get more subscribers on Twitch

Play different kinds of games that most streamers don’t want to play and don’t be afraid to try something different each time you stream. Even if there is a risk of failure, maybe you can reap learn new experiences every time you stream

You can also create a new streaming persona that can appeal more than others on Twitch.

Create a Streaming Persona for your channel

There are many misconceptions about having a streaming persona for your Twitch channel. Many believe that having a streaming persona means the streamer faking their personality and streamer isn’t truthful about how they act in real life compared to when they stream

The truth is, how many of us aren’t faking it when we work? How many times have we tired of dealing with people when we work, but we can only smile because this is how society works?

How many adults are different people when they work? Almost all of us, unless we don’t want to keep our job. Even business owners need to act when they do business deals.

Having a streaming persona doesn’t mean you’re lying to your viewers. It’s separating the real-life you with the persona that is related to your current creative work as a streamer

You shouldn’t bring a real-life problem when you stream, this is why having a streaming persona is important

So what streaming persona that you should have?

Some have a streaming persona that likes to act toxic in front of their viewers. Many viewers like drama, this is why many subscribe to toxic streamers.

I don’t recommend you to have a toxic persona for your Twitch channel, because it can bring problems to your real you. Acting toxic can make you toxic, this is the danger of what most actors face according to Screen Rant

Instead of having a toxic persona, what about having a persona that let people happy when they watch your content?

A nice person persona can succeed as we have already a successful example on Twitch. Sykkuno is a long-time LoL streamer that rises on Twitch because he changed his streaming persona and the game he played to Among Us and GTA V Online.

A nice person persona doesn’t necessarily mean he is a fake person. Sykkuno has many streamers friend that enjoys when they play with him and they meet each other in real life.

If you like comedy and are good at making jokes, then be a comedic streamer.

Keeping things fun and light and throwing in the odd joke into the mix will help increase the overall happiness of your community. And this provides a form of value.

Create Unique emotes for your subscriber

Shroud subscription perks

Since Twitch let you upload your own emotes to Twitch, you should design emotes that make you stand out in front of other thousand of emotes on Twitch

Remember, being different and unique is the key. If your channel emotes are great, your subscriber will keep using them. It’s no different than free promoting for your channel.

When your subscribers watch are participating on other streamer’s chat rooms and use you’re your unique emotes, some of their viewers can open your Twitch channel just to subscribe and get the emotes

If you’re good at art and design, it’s a good idea to design your own channel emotes.  But if you’re not, you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to design the emotes for your channel’s subscriber

Be careful when you choose which freelancer you want to hire, don’t choose the cheapest one. Remember, great emotes can make you stand out on Twitch

You can your streamers friend on which freelancers they used and recommend you on which one are the best for your channel.

Celebrate on every subscription and gifted subs moment

Most streamers will celebrate when a new subscription or gifted subs came. Even though a minority of streamers ignore this tradition, you should give celebration when this moment came

You can say “thank you for the subscription and the support for my channel, I appreciate it” for every new subscription on your channel

You can even dance when a viewer spends their money on a tier 3 subscription. Tier 3 subscription is not cheap and every streamer should celebrate the generous subscribers on their channel

I promise it won’t feel annoying. Some of the chatters can create a meme from your celebration act.

Create Sub-Only Discord Server

Many streamers these days have a private discord server for their subscriber. It let subscriber talk with other subscribers on discord.

Since many gamers use discord for their chatting app, it’s not surprising that Discord is the number one choice for most streamers to create a private community for Twitch channel, followed by Reddit and Twitter

Even though subscriber-only chat room is possible on Twitch, a subscriber can’t talk when the streamer is offline on Twitch. Discord private server let subscribers engage with each other without waiting for the streamer to start their stream

Some of your viewers that want to join the discord server will subscribe just for this benefit.

You can do many private events only for your channel subscriber using a private discord server

As a streamer, you can do a private Q&A session with your subscriber using discord.

You can give limited giveaways for your subscriber

Celebrate a special day by giving giveaways for your subscriber

On a special day, maybe your birthday or it’s the time of Black Friday, you can celebrate it by doing a giveaway on your channel

There are many ways you can do a giveaway on Twitch. You can open StreamElement guide on how to set up a giveaway on Twitch

Not only doing a giveaway, but you can also give the subscription to your viewers

Give Subscription to your viewers

Gift Channel subscription to your viewer

Giving subscriptions to your viewers can make them happy and grateful for you. Most people will keep watching your stream to repay the gratitude.

You don’t need to wait for your viewers to gift subscription, you can do it yourself

By receiving your gift, it can make them feel like they belong to your community. You can reward veteran viewers that stick on your channel by giving them a free subscription to your channel


There are many ways to get more subscribers on Twitch. Using our strategy can help the growth of your Twitch channel’s subscription base

But you need to get viewers first before getting subscribers. Without getting viewers, how can there be a subscriber on your channel?

In the end, what actually matters is as long you as a streamer satisfy your audience during the stream, the subscription will come naturally.

Philip Maynan is a hobbyist streamer and digital artist. What he loves most are writing, gaming, and drawing. Currently, he focuses on blogging and learning digital art.

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