How to Quickly Become a Twitch Affiliate

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is the goal that many Twitch streamers pursued. There are many strategies to fulfill the requirement to quickly become an Affiliate streamer on Twitch

The Secret of Becoming a Twitch Affiliate Fast

Many Twitch streamers wanted to become Twitch Affiliate because it’s the first step to get their channel monetized on Twitch. Streamers also need to achieve Affiliate first before they can start their journey on becoming Twitch Partner

Even though many streamers believe that it’s not hard to reach Affiliate status on Twitch, but it’s doesn’t mean that it’s easy to become an affiliate on Twitch. Many streamers are halted on the process of achieving Affiliate on their Twitch channel

We compile the best strategy to achieve the requirement to become a Twitch Affiliate after analyzing few affiliated channels on Twitch.

First, you need to know the requirement to become a Twitch affiliate.

What are the Requirements for Twitch Affiliate?

According to the Twitch Affiliate website, streamers can become Affiliate after achieving the Path to Affiliate Goals which consist of:

  • Stream for more than 500 minutes in the last 30 days
  • Stream for at least 7 different days in the last 30 days
  • More than average of 3 concurrent viewers over the previous 30 days
  • More than 50 channel followers

According to Twitch Help, all the requirements must be achieved in the last 30 days. After your channel fulfill all the required condition, you will receive an email invitation and notification on your Twitch channel profile

Keep in mind that the requirement is only intended for normal streaming conditions. If you are getting raided, which usually result on a surge of follower and viewers, it won’t qualify you as Twitch Affiliate even though you may already surpass the Twitch Affiliate requirement

How to Quickly become Twitch Affiliate

Becoming Twitch Affiliate can be done quickly if you can achieve all the requirements in a short period of time. The hardest Twitch Affiliate requirement is to get three concurrent viewers on your stream. So as long you can pass the viewers’ requirement, you can quickly become Twitch Affiliate. Theoretically, the fastest time to become Twitch Affiliate is in 7 days.

The sooner you can pass the Affiliate requirement, the faster you become Twitch Affiliate on your channel. So you need to strategize on how to pass the Twitch Affiliate requirement. Luckily, 2 of the 4 requirements are easy to pass

Streaming for more than 500 minutes and 7 different days is easy to do so. You only need to just keep streaming at least one hour every day

To make the journey on streaming for more than 500 minutes easier, create a streaming schedule. Choose the time when you start to stream to make it become a habit and easier to stream at a more extended duration

If you can only stream on weekends, you can still fulfill the 7 different days criteria at less than a month if you stream on Saturday and Sunday for four weeks.

But what you need to care about most is getting 50 followers and 3 concurrent viewers on your stream

How to Get 3 concurrent viewers on your stream

When you don’t have 3 concurrent viewers, it means that nobody knows your channel on Twitch. It would be best to make your stream recognized to get your first 3 concurrent viewers. To get recognized, make sure you create an attractive title for your stream. To make your viewer stay on your channel, make sure your streaming quality is good

Getting 3 average viewer on your stream is not easy for anyone that just start their streaming journey

This is your first stream. Twitch won’t recommend your channel because your stream has no viewers and followers. So you get noticed first on Twitch

So what is the way to get recognized on Twitch?

The first step to getting recognized first you need to have an attractive stream title. Don’t just choose a standard title like:

Playing LoL with my friend.” This is too mainstream

Make it unique like “Playing LoL with random champion” or “5 Win streak on LoL, aiming for 7 in one day.”

Now this is the stream title that will attract the audience.

You can even showcase your rank to make them know from the title that you have good skill on the game you stream on

Having a unique title makes Twitch users more likely to view your stream. After they click your stream, the second step is to keep your viewers on your stream. It can be done by creating a quality stream on your channel

Why does Streaming Quality matter to Get Viewers on Twitch?

Streaming quality can easily be recognized when a viewer visits your stream first time. So if you have an excellent attractive personality, using a decent streaming setup and make unique stream, your viewer will come back at you and become your first concurrent viewers

How to keep your viewer on your stream

Not only that, you need to make a stream that keeps your viewers watch your stream. Don’t make them get bored and close your Twitch tab on their web browser

Talk to your viewers on your stream. But don’t get too hasty because they can get scared if you’re telling them:

“Hello, thanks for coming to my stream” when they have just entered your stream

Wait a little bit and when your viewer finally starts a conversation in the chat room, answer it with a smile on your face. Be calm, and don’t become too excited when you get your first viewer on Twitch

Is it hard to get an average of 3 concurrent viewers on your channel? Yes, many Twitch streamers struggle with this first step. But if you managed to pass this problem, then you have basically already done the 90% of the Affiliate requirement on Twitch

There is a trick to get an average of 3 concurrent viewers on your channel even if you just started streaming on Twitch. Just tell your close friends and family to watch your stream

Maybe this may be embarrassing to share your Twitch channel to your family for some people, especially that many gamers and streamer are introvert according to Euro Gamer. But believe me, this method works, even if your family watches your stream using the same WIFI.

How to Get 50 followers on Twitch

To get 50 followers, you need to make your viewers to follow your channel. Getting more followers on your Twitch channel can quickly be done by creating a unique stream that is different from the others

Be Different

Usually, when your viewers see that you are different from the other streamer, they will follow your channel just because they are curious about you. This is the case for Sykkuno when he suddenly got 100k followers after streaming Among Us with his friends.

So my advice is to be different.

Use Social Media to Get Follower

Don’t forget to use Social Media to get more followers on Twitch. Upload your clip and highlight it on Instagram and Twitter

Create a YouTube channel for your Twitch channel. Upload your clip to YouTube short and longer video from highlight and past broadcast to YouTube. Some of your YouTuber viewers that have Twitch account may follow your channel after watching your video

Is it hard to get 50 followers on your channel? Not really, as long your stream quality is good and you are getting viewers, some of them will immediately follow your channel

Usually, a streamer can get 50 followers by keep streaming every day for two months. So there is no need to get stressed if your follower growth is slow because it’s normal to get fewer followers when you just began streaming on Twitch

How Long Does it Take to Become a Twitch Affiliate?

Usually, most streamers get their Affiliate on the third month of streaming on Twitch. Remember that the time duration depends on how good your stream is and how long you stream on Twitch every week. Don’t forget that each streamer has different circumstances and conditions, so there is no optimal time to achieve the Path to Affiliate goals. But If you keep streaming every day, you can become Twitch Affiliate in less than 3 month

How to check if you qualify for the Twitch Affiliate Program?

You don’t need to check your qualification because Twitch all streamers are qualified as long they finish the Path to Affiliate goals.

How to Apply for Twitch Affiliate

You don’t need to apply for Twitch Affiliate because after finishing all the requirements to get Affiliate on Twitch, you will receive an official email confirming your approval, and a message will pop up in the Notification Area in the right corner of Twitch

You just need to open the confirmation link to accept and start becoming an Affiliate on Twitch

Don’t forget to tell your viewer on your social media and next stream to celebrate your first achievement on Twitch

But if you don’t get the email, you can quickly check your affiliate qualification from your channel dashboard. Follow the step below:

  1. Open the creator dashboard from the profile menu at the top right corner of Twitch
  2. Navigate to the Insight and Achievement menu
  3. Check the progress to Path to Affiliate
  4. After finishing all the goals on Path to Affiliate, click the confirmation button to start joining Affiliate on Twitch

The Secret of Getting Affiliate on Twitch Fast

If you think that it takes too long to get Affiliate on Twitch, there is a way to get it fast. Using what I already explained above, we can create a blueprint to become Twitch Affiliate in less than 14 days

The 1st Day

  1. Create your Twitch channel and complete your channel’s profile
  2. Stream popular seasonal game. Usually, this is a kind of game just released by AAA game studios in every year like CoD, FIFA, Battlefield, and others.

A Hyped game like Cyberpunk (We know how disappointing it was) or the new God of Wars can work too. Just pick a popular game that doesn’t take too much skill

  • Enable VOD, and create Clips and Highlight from the past broadcast
  • Make a YouTube channel

The First Week

  1. Upload your clips and video highlight on YouTube
  2. Stream at least 1 hour every day

Streaming for at least 1 hour is important because you need to stream more than 8 hours to pass the Path of Affiliate streaming hour goals.

  • Create a Twitter and Instagram account your Twitch channel

Use a popular hashtag that is related to the game when you upload the clips on Twitter and Instagram

  • Ask your family to watch your stream every day.

It’s essential to ask your family to watch your stream because it’s the quick way to pass the requirement of getting an average of 3 concurrent viewers on your stream

By this time, you already fulfill 3 of 4 requirements of Path to Affiliate on Twitch. The last requirement is to get 50 followers on Twitch. We can easily pass this goal by creating a giveaway on your channel

The Second Week

  1. Do a follower’s only giveaway on your stream and promote it on your social media before you start streaming

Create an attractive stream title and make sure you add the “Giveaway” keyword to the title. Some viewers on Twitch will hunt channels that initiate a giveaway to get a free product

It’s better to set the duration for the giveaway to at least seven days to let many Twitch users know that you have a giveaway on your channel. Don’t forget to tell your viewer that you need to follow your Twitch channel before eligible on participating in your giveaway

Make sure to have multiple gifts on the giveaway. I recommend using Steam Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card for the giveaway

2. Give the gift every day and watch the follower count on your channel steadily increase every day

After two weeks of using our method, you should already receive a congratulation email from Twitch.

Beware that I never guarantee that this method will 100% works for anyone. You will need to have extra funds to do a giveaway on your channel. Luck will play an important role when you try to use the method, so there is still the chance of failing to become a Twitch Affiliate

Philip Maynan is a hobbyist streamer and digital artist. What he loves most are writing, gaming, and drawing. Currently, he focuses on blogging and learning digital art.

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