How to Add Tags on Twitch and the Best Tags to choose in 2022

Tags are one of the least used features on Twitch, but using tags on your stream can make your Twitch discovered by new users

Best Twitch Tags and How to Add Tags on Twitch

Many Twitch streamers complain that no one watches their live stream. It’s indeed not easy for new streamers to get noticed by veteran Twitch users. This is why you should tag your streams to get your streams noticed

Tagging can make your stream quickly discovered when a Twitch user searches a Twitch stream using the tag feature. In this article, we will explain how to utilize tags on your stream and which tags you should choose to maximize your stream potential

How to Add Tags on Twitch

Log in to your Twitch account and open your Creator Dashboard. Select “Stream Manager” and click the “Edit Stream Info” option. Scroll Down and on the “Tags” section, search and add tags to your Twitch streams. After adding tags, click “Done” to save the changes

I will show you the complete process below to make it easier to understand:

  1. Login to Your Twitch Account
Opening Creator Dashboard

2. Click on your profile account and Open the “Creator Dashboard” menu

Open Stream Manager Menu

3. Open your “Stream Manager” from the left menu

Edit Stream Info from Stream Manager Menu

4. On the “Quick Action” section, click the “Edit Stream Info” icon.

5. A window will pop up, and you can edit from Title, Notification, Category, Title, and Stream Language. If you are not sure, only make a change on your Tags

Changing Tags on your Stream Info

6. From the Tags section, type a tag to search if the titles are available to use or not.

7. Don’t forget to click Done to save the change and update your default stream info

Adding tags to your stream is easy to do and takes less than a minute. Every time you start a stream, you should always update your tags

You need to know that some types of tags are added automatically. Usually, the game category tags and language tags are automatically added on your stream to help Twitch recommend streams based on game preference and demographic of their users

Why Adding Tags can Help your Twitch Channel

Twitch creates tags to help viewers to find streams they prefer to watch. Tags help recommend your streams to viewers that have the same preference based on their watch history. Imagine only competing with 100 streamers that use the same tag instead of 30,000 streamers that play the same game as you

Instead of scrolling from countless streams, viewers can search and click for tags to selectively filter a Twitch stream. This is why adding Tags can benefit Twitch streamers.

But still, be realistic. Tags won’t magically make your stream suddenly popular and get watched by thousands of viewers. Tags are one of the countless factors to get success on Twitch

Because Tags are not a new feature, it will be a waste not to use them. Most Streamers still don’t use Tags.

And from streamers that use tags they don’t use tags effectively. From choosing the wrong tags to picking tags that are superimposed with each other, Twitch Tags is a feature that still misused by most Twitch Streamers

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How to Choose the Best Tags for Your Twitch Stream

Carefully choose the tags that accurately reflect your stream. Be honest. Make sure the selected tags can describe your stream to new viewers.

Purposefully choosing the wrong tags to bait views can reduce the reputation you have among your viewers and negatively influence your Twitch channel

Even so, you don’t need to think hard about which tags you choose. Tags only make your stream discoverable. It won’t improve your stream quality. No matter what, what actually matters on Twitch is to make your enjoyable to watch

Even if many users click your stream, they will leave your stream if they are disappointed watching your stream.

Which Tags Are The Best for Twitch?

We carefully analyze the official directory of tags on Twitch. From hundreds of available tags, we finally found the best Tags you should choose for your Twitch stream

1. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

These days, many viewers ask streamers questions in the middle of the stream. The rise of Just Chatting stream popularity  let viewers began to ask streamers a private question even in a regular gaming stream

Adding AMA tags can help you find viewers that want to connect with new streamers. This is crucial for new streamers

It’s no coincidence that AMA tags are always associated with Just Chatting streams. AMA tags let your viewers know you better through conversation. Remember, the more viewers know you, the more they can connect with you and become your loyal viewers.

Beware that you need to prepare first before tagging your stream AMA. There will always be trolls and spammers asking offensive questions. Tell your mods team first before doing AMA stream to help you prepare in various scenario

2. PC Building

Many gamers and streamers like to build their own PC. If you want to build new gaming or streaming PC, it’s a good idea to live stream the process of you building your own PC

It’s always exciting watching people building their own PC. Even If you are a beginner, and this is your first time building your own PC, you can ask your viewers to help you build your PC. They will always be happy to help you build your PC

Of course, be careful of troll comments that want you to break your PC component. Always ask, “Is this correct, guys” to gather others’ opinions to prevent misinformation

The PC Building community constantly searches for PC Building streams on Twitch. This is an excellent chance to attract new viewers.

3. Playing with Viewers

Playing With Viewers Tag

Many Twitch users want to play games with streamers. Maybe you think that only popular streamers get this treatment from their fans. But no. Most Twitch users will be willing to play with anybody, even streamers with only single-digit views

If you are playing with your viewers and followers, this tag will easily make you get a surge of views on your stream

Because what actually matters is they play with a streamer, and many people watch their gameplay together on Twitch. After playing the game with you, they can brag with their friends that they are playing a game together with a “Twitch Streamer”

If you are Twitch Affiliate, consider doing a “Playing with Viewers” stream to make your followers watch your stream constantly. Adding “Playing with Viewers” tag will let other viewers know that your channel is willing to play together with their fans

4. VR

Even though good VR games are rare, few streamers play VR games like Half-Life Alyx and VRChat. Some viewers like to watch VR Games on Twitch to see guinea reaction on people first time playing VR Games

Because VR games are different from mainstream games, make sure to add a VR tag to your stream. Many people don’t like watching VR content, and you can prevent them from mistakenly entering your stream by adding VR tags

5. Anime

Many streamers watch and discuss anime together with their viewers on Twitch. Don’t forget to add “Anime” tags on your stream to gather views from anime fans

Of course, because anime is copyrighted material, you must be careful not to violate Twitch’s Term of Services. Remember, you can get banned from streaming anime on Twitch

Some Twitch streamers use tricks when they are streaming anime by placing a black box or changing color to prevent getting DMCA takedown on their stream

6. Vtubers

Vtuber tag on Twitch

Vtubers is one of the most significant communities on Twitch and YouTube. Don’t underestimate Vtubers Streamer on Twitch. Many of them quickly get thousand of concurrent viewers even if they just began streaming on Twitch

Because of how closed the Vtubers community is, you will readily be accepted as long you are a genuine Vtuber streamer. If you are aspiring to become a Vtubers, then add a “Vtubers” tag to let VTubing fans discover your Twitch channel

7. Match Commentary

Many Twitch streamers focus on doing commentary on competitive sports and e-sport matches. If you are doing commentary, don’t forget to add “Match Commentary” tags to let viewers know that you are not playing the video game but doing the commentary instead

When you watch e-sport matches like League of Legends World Championship and Dota 2 The International, you will be surprised at how many Twitch users tend to watch commentary from a specific streamer that professionally plays the game.

Indeed, sometimes watching the official commentary of an e-sport match is a bit boring. Many viewers prefer to watch unofficial commentary from a Twitch streamer instead

8. SpeedRun

Speedrunning a game is one of the hardest challenges that can be done. To win a speedrun, streamers need to finish a game as fastest they can while making the slightest mistake they can do

Because of how intense speedrun challenges can be, many viewers like to watch speed run. Some popular games like Pokemon and Mario always have a massive fanbase of speedrun streamers

Streamers stream their speedrun journey not just to get views on Twitch but as proof of achievement of completing a speed run. Don’t forget to add the “SpeedRun” tag on your stream to gather various viewers from the large community of speedrunners on Twitch

9. Challenge Run

If you are doing difficult challenges that make the game harder, the “Challenge Run” tag is perfect for you

Streamers these days love playing challenging, hard games like Sekiro and Elder Ring. Even though the game is hard to play, many gamers still feel that the difficulty is still not enough

So they artificially increase the difficulty by doing a challenge run. Challenge Run can range from “No Hit Playthrough”, “No Death Playthrough” to “No Armor Playthrough

Viewers will enjoy it if you can finish the game without failing the challenges. Especially when you face a difficult boss on Soul Games while trying not to get any damage from the boss

Even if you fail the challenges, it’s still no problem. Your viewers enjoyed your stream, and that is what actually matters

10. First Playthrough

If you are playing the game for the first time on Twitch, then using the “First Playthrough” tag will let viewers know that you are doing the game first time

It will easily amaze your viewers if you manage to defeat a challenging boss on your first try. Of course, don’t lie when you are adding the “First Playthrough” tag on your Twitch stream

Don’t forget to yell “Let’s Go” on your first playthrough

11. PlayStation and PS5

Even though most Twitch streamers play their game on PC, some streamers are out there playing their game on console. Adding PlayStation tags can help you gather viewers that also play video games on console

Toxic Rivalry between the Gaming PC and Console community causes some users to be unwilling to watch a stream on the opposite gaming platform. Console players will be more likely to watch streamers playing on a console instead of a PC and vice versa

This is no joke. There are always toxic gamers on both platforms that initiate fights on the chatroom, so it’s best to show which platform you play on to prevent fights on your stream

So you need to add PlayStation or Xbox tag, or else there will be troll commenter on your stream saying “PC Master Race”

12. Drawing

Drawing Tags on Twitch

If you are streaming the process of drawing and painting digital art, add Drawing tags to your stream. Many artists like to watch streamers streaming their drawing process as a way to learn and improve their drawing

Viewers usually ask streamers’ opinions on their experience in art. As long as you keep answering these questions, it won’t be hard to get loyal viewers willing to watch your stream every day to learn to draw digital art. And maybe they will promote your Twitch channel with other digital artists

Why Drawing Tags, you may ask? Why not choose “Art” Tags? Because  Art is too broad. Drawing is perfect tags if you are tinkering with 2D and 3D Arts

Don’t forget to add other tags that relate to what you are drawing. If you are drawing comic, then add extra “Comic” tags to complement your tags

Should I Use Tags on My Twitch Stream?

Using Tag can make your stream more easily discovered by others. You should always use Tags on all of your live streams. Sometimes, Twitch Tags is more important than your stream title, especially for beginner streamers that still don’t have a solid fanbase

Don’t underestimate how many Twitch users use Tags to filter stream videos. For example, if I’m interested in watching people play Valorant, then I will use categories and Tags to filter from countless live streams videos on Twitch

Tags will appear everywhere on Twitch, from the homepage, search result, channel page, and category pages. Viewers will always see stream tags below the stream title. Tagging your streams can make your streams clearer to both Twitch users and the Twitch algorithm

How many Twitch Tags should I use?

Twitch only limits you to use up to 5 tags on your Twitch stream, so you should use all five available tags every time you start a stream. Make sure from 5 chosen tags can

How should a streamer use tags? Streamers have up to 5 tag options, and they should be used to describe your stream as much as possible accurately

Should I Spam Tags on My Twitch Stream?

Since you can only use up to five tags, don’t spam similar tags. Do A/B Testing by changing tags and comparing how many views and followers you get when using the tags. After knowing which tags are the best for your Twitch channel growth, then you can choose which tags are your favorite

And there is a plateau phase where Tags don’t matter that much. Popular Twitch streamers like xQc can choose random tags yet keep getting a million views.

So don’t waste your time and select your favorite tags after doing A/B Test


Twitch Tags can help to make your stream more accessible for new viewers. Never forget to add tags for your Twitch stream

Philip Maynan is a hobbyist streamer and digital artist. What he loves most are writing, gaming, and drawing. Currently, he focuses on blogging and learning digital art.

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