How do Twitch Streamers Stream for so Long ?

Streamers streaming for a time longer than 3 hours are common on Twitch. How do they play and stream for so long?

Twitch streamers playing game

If we play video games all day without stop, many of us will feel bored and stopped playing the game.

Then how do streamers that keep playing the same game every day keep streaming for more than 3 hours? Or even 6 hours?

Actually, there are many answers for this common situation on Twitch. This article explains how experienced Twitch streamers can stream for a long period of time and why you should follow them

How do Twitch Streamers Stream Game for so Long ?

Streamers can play every day for so long time because it’s already their habit. It may be hard at first, but the longer streamers stream every day, the easier it becomes in the future. After streaming video games for years, Twitch streamers can stream every day without feeling tired or burn out.

Streamers also earn money which makes them more motivated to stream at long duration

Streamers also prepare their room and desk to give complete comfort during the stream. It’s common to get back pain after sitting in front of the PC when you stream for a long time

Many streamers have comfortable gaming chairs or office chairs that with good ergonomic that let them sit for hours without getting back pain. An ergonomic office and gaming chair can provide maximum comfort to the streamer.

It’s not weird that many popular streamers get sponsored by gaming brands to use their gaming chair during streaming

Many Streamers also set up a good dual or triple monitor setup, fast internet connection, gaming mouse, and gaming mechanical keyboard. This will provide convenience and comfort for the streamer when they play video games.

Many streamers also wear blue light protective glass to protect their eyes when they are streaming.

Of course, they can enable the Night Feature on Windows 10 to reduce the blue light, but their viewers can also see the same yellowish screen during the stream, reducing the streaming experience of their audience, so most streamers just wear the blue light filter glass

Why There are many Streamers That Stream for so Long Time?

Because the competition on Twitch is intense. When streamers started to stream, they are competing with other streamers to get the viewer on Twitch. According to Twitch Tracker, there will be an average of 100,000 channels streaming at the same time. To compete with 100,000 channels, many streamers decide to stream for a long period of time to get more viewers

The competition on Twitch is no joke. Even when there is the least amount of Twitch Channel streaming, there still 50,000 streamers that stream at the same time. So don’t think that streaming on Twitch is easy

The feeling of improvement on your game skill and stream

Playing game is addicting, every gamer knows this feeling. Streaming is no different. Both playing and streaming require time and effort to learn

Twitch user Brockuk explain that he enjoy his game during stream
Twitch user Brockuk explain why he keep playing the game on his stream

Slowly learning become better at both gaming and streaming is an amazing feeling that only streamers experience

Remember the first time you speak in front of the public? This is no different when streamers started streaming. As streamers keep streaming, it becomes easier to speak in front of the viewers.

According to The Verge, it’s common for streamer to have a streaming persona that different from the real you

Not only that, but the satisfaction can also come from the number of viewers and followers that keep growing.

As streamer progress their skill, the feeling of satisfaction when they stream prevent them from giving up their dream

Of course, this feeling can disappear, but for beginner and intermediate streamers, the feeling of progress is the force that causes many streamers to keep streaming on Twitch

Just a Hobby, Not a Job

Many streamers treat streaming as a hobby. Because it’s just their hobby, they don’t have a big expectation when they stream on Twitch.

Streamers that treat streaming as a hobby usually play a game that they loved multiple times even after finishing it. Because it’s fun, they can keep playing the video game without feeling bored during the stream

Popular childhood games are commonly streamed on Twitch. Game Like Monster Hunter United, Final Fantasy X, Pokemon Red, and Blue, Sonic, and many other old games have a big loyal community on Twitch. So they stream to relieve their childhood dream, not because they want to become a popular streamer

Streaming is their Passion

Twitch streaming as passion according to reddit user
Twitch user Ceebeekid explain why streaming is his passion

Sometimes for many people, streaming is not just a hobby or side gig. It’s their passion. Being passionate about the game can make them keep streaming no matter what. This motivation makes them want to improve their skill and craft even if they get no viewers on Twitch

For them, what matters is not the empty number on their Channel Dashboard. It’s the feeling of enjoyment every time they play and stream video games. After years of pursuing a dream on Twitch, many streamers realize maybe streaming is their passion after all

Do Streamers Ever Telt Tired from Playing Video Games Too Much?

Yes, streamers do felt tired when they play video games too much. But for full-time streamers, it’s their passion and their job. Even if they felt tired, they keep streaming to retain their followers and viewers. Many streamers on Twitch retired because of burnout and feeling tired after playing video games too long

Just because many streamers play video game don’t mean that streamer won’t felt bored. Just like all of us bored working our job, the streamer will also dread streaming just like we dread working on Monday

Many Twitch streamers streaming for more than 6 hours every day and only a small part of them can earn livable earnings. Since streaming pays the bills, Twitch streamer just keeps doing it when they become successful.

But what is the deeper reason why streamers keep streaming even if they felt tired?

Why do Streamers keep playing the same game for so long?

Streamers keep playing the same is because the game is the reason why they stream at the first place. Maybe the streamer is good at playing the game or his viewers love to watch the streamer keep playing the same game every time he streams. So the streamer decided to keep playing the same game every time he streams.

Playing the same game every day can give you a high position in the gaming community, especially in a small unpopular game that only a few streamers play. Because of smaller competition, you can become the big fish in the small pond

To gain the benefit of playing an unpopular game on Twitch

Playing a popular online game like LoL, Dota, and Fornite will give you competitors from the pro player streamer. Can you play the game better than the pro? If the answer is no, why should viewers want to watch your channel instead of the pro player channel?

Of course, even if you’re not a pro, you can still thrive in a competitive online game. PurgeGamers is a popular Dota 2 streamer that technically not a professional player. He becomes popular because many of his followers like to watch his stream when he teaches Dota 2 to newbie

If you enjoy the game you played, maybe many viewers will like your channel because of your genuine interest in the game. A niche game like Persona, Monster Hunter, and Dead Soul have a giant community on Twitch. It will be easier to get viewers by playing those games instead of competitive online games that many Twitch channels stream at the same time

But be careful when you want to stream a dead game on Twitch. Playing a game that nobody played will result in nobody want to watch you play the game. So, the perfect balance between popularity, fun, difficulty, and game mechanic must be carefully analyzed

Because of this reason, it’s important to carefully choose the game you stream on Twitch. Don’t decide the game based on the popularity, it’s the worst idea to choose for a beginner’s streamer

Why you should stream the game you loved to play

If you’re just started, you should choose the game you will enjoy playing every day. In the first 3 months, only a few viewers will watch your channel. So, the choice of the game almost doesn’t matter at all for a beginner streamer

Find a game you will love, it’s better if there is a big community around the game. Don’t stream the dead game on Twitch, nobody can find and will watch your stream. Sometimes playing a small game that nobody stream can result get you a follower on Twitch.

Many viewers will love it if their favorite games that unpopular on Twitch are played and streamed by the new streamer.

Streaming the game that you love can reduce the chance you get burnout after forcing yourself to stream on Twitch every day. It’s hard to stream every day while watching your viewers and followers count only 1 digit above zero.

The truth is every streamer has experienced the feeling of failure after the stream ended. But the successful one never give up even after seeing zero number of the viewer during their first stream

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