How to Hide Your Viewer Count on Twitch

Hiding your viewer count can prevent it from distracting you from your stream

Sykkuno Viewer Count

Viewer count can be a blessing and a curse. Letting streamers know how many viewers they have on their stream can help streamers improve their streamer based on the viewer count data.

But viewer count can distract you from achieving your full potential, especially if you’re a beginner Twitch streamer. Maybe you’re in a hurry to become Twitch Affiliate, so you keep watching the viewer count, hoping it will increase

In this article, we explore the method to hide the viewers count on your Twitch stream

How to Hide Viewer Count Using Twitch Stream Manager

Stream Manager on Twitch

Login to Your Twitch account. Click your profile icon and select the “Creator Dashboard” menu. Select “Stream Manager” from the left menu. Click the “Viewers” and “Views” tab to make view count disabled on your Twitch channel. You can also click the red person symbol to make your viewer count invisible

Besides changing your Twitch setting, you can replicate this process on OBS and Streamlabs

Viewer Count Panel on OBS Studio

Hide viewer count on OBS Studio
  1. Open OBS Studio
  2. Open the “View” tab at the top and head into the “Docks” section
  3. Click the “X” icon at the top right corner of the viewer count panel on OBS
  4. The viewer count on OBS Studio is disabled. You can re-enable it by adding new docks on OBS Studio

Viewer Count Setting on Streamlabs

Hide viewer count on Streamlabs
  1. Open the chat window on Streamlabs
  2. Toggle off the eye icon beside the viewer count number to hide the viewer count on Streamlabs
  3. If you want to show the viewer count, toggle it on by pressing the eye icon

Should You Hide Twitch Viewer Count?

You can hide your viewer count if you want to. Your viewer count shouldn’t matter if you are still a beginner streamer. No matter what, there is no difference between having one person or 100 people watching your stream

And when you end your stream, you can surprise yourself with the statistics of your viewers. You can analyze the number later to prevent you from distracting yourself when you are live on Twitch

Some Twitch streamers hide their viewer count because seeing your viewers count dropped during a stream can tax their minds. You can get burnout if you keep seeing the low number of people watching your stream

Not seeing the number of viewers can free up the pressure on your mind telling yourself that nobody liked to watch your stream when the number decreased. Of course, that’s wrong. It’s normal for Twitch users to stop watching a stream after a while.

If you see your viewer count keep decreasing throughout the stream, it can distract you and worsen your stream quality. If you have this kind of problem, it’s better to hide your viewer count on your stream

It’s better to leave it on, though. Sometimes Twitch viewer count is bugging out and shows the wrong number, so you shouldn’t fully believe the number on the screen.

But it’s not all bad. If you leave your viewer count visible, it can let you know whether people are watching your stream or not. Having a high viewer count can give you an emotional boost to keep you continue streaming

There is also another benefit to not hiding your viewer count.

If you’re aspiring to become Twitch Affiliate, leaving your viewer count visible can track how much progress you have made since you begin streaming on Twitch.

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You can do A/B testing to test whether your viewers like your stream content or not from the number of people watching your stream


Don’t let the viewer count influence your stream. If you don’t want to hide the viewer count, then only look up the number when you want to end your stream

You can look up the number to make sure someone watches your stream. If the number is zero, then you can decide whether you want to continue streaming or not

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