Fifine T669 Review for Twitch Streamers

Fifine T669, a complete microphone bundle at the price less than $60. But is this mic worth it, and should you buy it?

Fifine T669 Microphone bundle

If you search for the most popular budget microphone on Amazon, you will find out about the Fifine T669 microphone bundle. At a price of less than 60$, it comes with a complete package of microphone, boom arm, pivot mount, tripod stand, shock mount and pop filter.

This complete microphone package comes with everything you need to start streaming, podcasting, and recording YouTube videos. But is this mic quality really good enough, even with its cheap price?

Fifine T669 Microphone Specification

Here is the complete spec of Fifine T669 microphone:

Microphone Type: Type : Condenser

Sampling-rate : 38kHz

Bit depth : 16-bit

Polar patterns : Cardioid

Frequency response : 20 – 20kHz

Sensitivity : -34dB ±30% (@ 1kHz)

Power Supply: 5v USB power

Connectivity : USB 2.0

Fifine T669 microphone is a Condenser USB microphone that uses a Cardioid pick-up pattern. Because this mike uses a USB interface, the soundcard is built inside the microphone.

So, there is no need for an XLR cable, and it’s easy to use for a complete beginner, of course, at the expense of having average sound quality.

For More Information:

Because Fifine T669 is a condenser microphone and uses a cardioid pick-up pattern, it will pick up sound strongly and be great for podcasting and video game streaming.

But, because it strongly absorbs sound, this mic will pick up common background noise like the sound you click on a mouse and your keyboard, which is a common problem of any budget microphone.

But using the boom arm, shock mount, and pop filter, we can reduce the background noise easily.

I’m a little disappointed that this mic used USB 2.0 instead of USB C. But maybe the intended use of this product is a PC user.

Most motherboard on the market still only provides a USB port instead of a USB C port, so Fifine target this kind of user. But at least, use the new USB 3.0, not USB 2.0. USB 2.0 is an ancient technology that needs to be replaced.

Fifine T669 has a frequency response of 20hz to 20khz. In a nutshell, this microphone will pick sound in a huge range from the lowest frequency sound of your whisper to the highest frequency of the sound that humans can hear. This technical spec is useless to check because most mics have a similar spec.

Fifine T669 microphone has -34db sensitivity, so you don’t need a preamp and gain to make this mic pick up sound.

Only dynamic microphones need an extra gain and preamp, so most condenser microphones at any price range will easily have a good sensitivity rating without additional supporting gears.

Fifine T669 Hands-On

Fifine T669 Hands-on

Fifine T669 comes with a complete kit of the mic and its supporting equipment that usually you need to buy separately. After opening the box, you will find a Fifine T669 microphone, boom scissor arm, studio-grade shock mount, double pop filter, tripod stand, pivot mount, 2.5m / 8.2′ USB.

Installing this microphone is not hard. First, you need to connect the microphone with the mount. At the bottom part of the microphone, remove the metal ring. Place the microphone into the mount using the 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch adapter, then connect the ring back.

Then you need to decide whether you will use the tripod stand or the boom arm. I recommend using the boom arm so you can use the shock mount and position the mic better. Because Fifine T669 is a condenser microphone with a cardioid pick-up pattern, positioning matters on the sound quality produced.

If you use a tripod stand, you will get higher background noise if you clicking the mouse and your keyboard because of the physical contact between the tripod stand and your table. Make sure to place the mic 4-8 inch/10-20 cm in front of your mouth

After configuring your mic, now just plug the USB cable into your mic and USB port. You can use Fifine T669 in both Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Fifine T669 Build Quality

The build quality of this budget microphone is not that bad. Almost as good as Razer Seiren X, which is a little bit more expensive and comes with no extra equipment.

The boom scissor arm comes with the package using both steel and plastic materials, so it’s durable and strong enough to hold your mic and clamps on your desk securely.

It comes with a low profile size, so it won’t obstruct your face during streaming and recording your videos.

Although it’s not heavy, the double pop filter provided is surprisingly big, which is a plus. Using a pop filter can help to reduce the plosive sound.

According to, The plosive sound is usually heard on P and B. Speech techniques can help to control plosives and sibilance. The pop filter can act as a protective barrier between your mouth and microphone diaphragm to reduce the plosive sound.

The overall Fifine T669 build quality is good and can easily last you years with proper care

Fifine T669 Sound Quality

When we test the sound produced from the Fifine T669 microphone, we encounter a problem that the produced sound is terribly high in sound volume and mixed with high volumes of background and ambient noise.

After reducing the mic volume to 40%, the sound quality became good, clear, and warm. Clearly, this microphone is a little bit too sensitive, a common trait of a condenser mic. It’s helpful if Fifine fix this because 80-100% volume sound clearly unusable to anyone, so why bother to set the highest frequency so high

Luckily you can use RTX Voice if you use Nvidia Graphic Card or NVENC for streaming. Most streaming and video communication software like OBS and Zoom already provide a filter to reduce background noise that you can easily use

This mic amplifies high frequency, so treble noise will be present. But the built-in soundcard in this mic can control the treble nicely, making the noise a bit little warm, no brittle present, and accurate but clear noise is produced. You don’t need to add compression because the sound quality is already good without it.

Be aware Fifine T669 will be sensitive at capturing sound. You need to keep it away 4-8 inches from your mouth.

Fifine T669 Vs. Fifine K669B

Fifine K669B is one of the most popular budget gaming microphones Fifine had ever produced and was released earlier. What makes you choose Fifine T669 instead of Fifine K669B?

Newer Product

Fifine T669 will have better compatibility with new Windows 10, iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur. You can also use the mic on your gaming consoles like PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5. Sadly there is still no Xbox support for this mic

Better Tone and Sound Quality

Fifine T669 comes with better bass sound in a more rounded sound which useful for podcasting and streaming. The less self-noise brings an overall lower noise floor and background noise, improving overall sound quality

Better Portability

You can detach the cable, making your microphone have better portability and replaceability

Is Fifine T669 the best budget microphone you can buy?

Buy Fifine T669 if:

  1. You want a complete package of the mic and its tool without buying in another store
  2. You want a cheap microphone with a good quality of sound produced without any additional sound editing
  3. You want a microphone that can last a long time
  4. You want a beginner microphone so you can start streaming, podcasting, or recording video for YouTube

Don’t buy if:

  1. You can afford more. It’s better if you buy Audio Technica AT 2035 microphone
  2. You want a gaming brand like Razer, HyperX, or Corsair for your mic.  
  3. You want to spend less. Keep in mind, at this price tag, a cheaper mic will be much worse and unusable unless you only need your mic for Zoom meeting

Our Verdict on Fifine T669

Fifine T669 is competitively priced with its feature, specification, and package that comes with it. It provides sound quality that is equal to most $100 microphones. You only lose some software support from popular gaming and audio brands like Razer, HyperX, etc.

The overall build quality is good with aluminum material and sturdy plastic frames that easily withstand heavy usage and are small enough to be portable.

I would suggest buying Fifine T669 if you’re looking for a budget microphone for podcasting, recording YouTube videos, and live streaming. It’s incredible how much they pack quality at a low price on this mic.

Fifine T669 Overall review

Wide range of OS support (Windows, Mac, iOS, iPad OS, PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5)
Complete package of the mic and the supporting tools
Good sound quality at its price, you don’t need extra editing to get good sound
Good built quality as the mic uses both metal and sturdy plastic as its material
Easy to setup with
No Mute Button
Volume setting can be better, you should aim at 30-50% using this mic. Using max volume will bring high volumes of background noise
Shock mount quality can be better
Pop Filter is too big, it can cover your face when using it

Reviewed by: AFKStreaming Team

Price Value
Ease of Use
Sound Quality
Build Quality


For less than $60, I can’t think of any better way to start pursuing your creative career. This mic may doesn’t give you amazing sound quality, but it does the job done while being good at it. For a cheap USB microphone that easy to use, portable and have solid build quality, this microphone does the job perfectly.


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