How to Enable Streamer Mode and Show Currently Streaming on Discord

You can show “Currently Live” on your Discord account when you are streaming on Twitch

Example of Discord Streamer Mode Turned On

If you join a Discord group focused on gaming, you may see some members have Currently Streaming Games tags below their names.

Discord show they are streaming because they have turned on the streamer mode

What is Discord Streamer Mode?

Discord streamer mode is a feature that can help streamers use Discord without getting notification popups and sounds that can disturb streaming. Streamer mode will show that you are currently streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

How to Enable Streaming Mode on Discord

1. Link Your Discord Account to Twitch and YouTube

Discord has a feature that lets you connect your social account like Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch to your account. What you need to do is to link your Twitch and YouTube accounts, depending on which platform you’re streaming

Follow these steps to link your account:

Step 1: Open the Discord application on your PC or Mac

Step 2:  Click the “User Settings” icon on the lower left corner

Connect Social Media account to Discord

Step 3: Click on “Connection”

Step 4: Click Twitch icons

Step 5: It will open a Twitch login confirmation on your web browser. Log in to your Twitch account and click “Authorize” to confirm the linking

Enable Display on Profile Setting on Discord

Step 6: Toggle on the “Display on profile”  option

Here’s a complete guide on how to link your Twitch account to Discord

2. Enable Streamer Mode Option on Discord

Open Discord user setting and enable Streamer Mode

To enable streamer mode, Open Discord > Click User Settings > Scroll down and click Streamer Mode menu > Toggle on “Enable Streamer Mode.”

On the Streamer mode option, there are four options you can enable:

Streamer mode option
  • Hide your personal information
  • Hide invite link
  • Disable sounds
  • Disable notifications

I recommend enabling all four options. Hiding your personal information is a good way to protect your name, email, and privacy as a Twitch streamer. Hiding the invite link can prevent you from accidentally spoiling the invite link to your viewers

Disabling sounds and notifications can prevent random sounds from ruining your stream

You can toggle on the “Automatically Enable/Disable” setting to automatically start streamer mode when you open a streaming application like OBS Studio, Xsplit, and Wirecast on your desktop.

So there is no need to configure your Discord setting every time you start streaming on Twitch

Configure a Keyboard shortcut for Streamer Mode

You can configure a keyboard shortcut to toggle Streamer Mode on or off. Follow these steps to do so

Step 1: Click “User Settings”

Step 2: On the left menu, click on “Keybinds”

Step 3: Click “Add a Keybind”

Adding a keyboard shortcut for streamer mode

Step 4: On action, choose “Toggle Streamer Mode”

Step 5: Click “Record Keybind” and press a key on your keyboard that you want to choose as a keyboard shortcut

Step 6: Click “Stop Record” to save the change

The Benefit of Enabling Streamer Mode on Discord

1. Disabling Popup Notification

A popup notification will appear when someone tries to message you on Discord. In normal times, this can help you to respond to your friend quickly

But if you are live streaming on Twitch, this can disturb your stream and annoy your viewers. Disabling the notification on Discord is a must as a Twitch streamer

2. Hiding Invite Link

You are invited to play a game together with your streamer’s friend. But you forgot to hide your Discord message and accidentally showed the invite link

Don’t do that. It’s embarrassing. With streamer mode enabled, you won’t face this kind of problem

3. Hiding your Email and Personal Info

People can see your personal info and email from your Discord account. This is why you must hide it to protect your privacy, especially if you have many subscribers on Twitch

4. Mute Discord sound

Each time you get an incoming message on Discord, there will be a beep sound. You can disable the beep sound to keep your focus on the stream

5. Adding new features exclusive to Twitch streamers on your Discord Server

There are many kinds of features on Discord you can use as a Twitch affiliate and Twitch Partner.

You can show a notification on your private server each time you get a new subscriber on your Twitch channel. Your Twitch subscribers can get a subs badge on your private server

Check out our guide on how to add Twitch emotes on a Discord server

How to Disable Streamer Mode

If you want to turn off streamer mode to hide that you’re a streamer, follow these steps below:

Open Discord > Click User Settings >Click Streamer Mode menu > Toggle off “Enable Streamer Mode”

Can You Enable Streamer Mode On Discord Mobile App?

You can’t enable streamer mode on the Discord mobile app. You must open the Discord application on your Windows PC and Mac to enable streamer mode.

Is it worth it to enable Streamer Mode on Discord?

It is worth it to enable streamer mode on Discord because it can help to protect your personal info and privacy. Streamer mode also help mute notification popup and sounds that can disturb your stream

I stream on Twitch, and it’s important for me to focus during the stream. Notification popup and sounds will disturb my focus

This is why I enabled streamer mode on my Discord application. It gives extra protection for my private data, so I see this as an absolute win

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