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All You Need to Know About Sport on Twitch

Sport is frequently streamed on Twitch. Whether it’s an actual sports event with commentary or sport in the form of a video game, many viewers like to watch sport on Twitch

Better Twitch TV Chat Emotes example

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How to Enable BTTV and FFZ Emotes Extension on Twitch

Emotes Extension is a browser extension that allows streamers to add new emotes besides emotes that Twitch officially used. There are 2 popular emotes extensions that most Twitch Users use, BTTV (Better Twitch.TV) and FFZ (FrankerFaceZ)

Twitch error 1000: video was cancelled

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[Solved] What is Twitch Error #1000?

Twitch error 1000 sometimes occur to certain viewers or even the streamer itself. There are many factors why Twitch error #1000 appear on your screen. This article will help you troubleshoot the error