How to Bypass Discord File Size Limit [Guide]

There is an 8 MB size limit for the file you can upload to a Discord server. This guide will explain how to bypass the Discord file size limit with step-by-step instruction

Discord File Size Limit Warning

Many people, including me, use Discord to share important documents, videos, and images with their friends and family.

But you can only send up to 8 MegaBytes of file on Discord. 8 MB file size limitation is not enough for most people.

If you take a picture and record a video with the latest iPhone, it will easily be above 8 MB.

What is the Maximum Size Limit on Discord?

The maximum size limit for regular Discord users is 8 MB. With Discord Nitro subscription, it will increase the size limit up to 500 MB.

If you share a file larger than 8 MB, you will get a notification saying, “Your Files are too Powerful. The max file size is 8 MB. Upgrade to Discord Nitro to upload files up to 500 MB.”

Why Discord Limits the Maximum File Size You Can Upload?

Discord limits the maximum file size a user can upload to prevent spam and unnecessary files flood the Discord server. The limitation also exists to promote  Discord Nitro, which lets you send larger files on any server you joined to

Millions of people share files using Discord every day. If there is no file size limitation, the storage and server costs will be too expensive for Discord company to bear

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How to Bypass Discord File Size Limit

According to Discord Term of Service, you can share any file from documents, photos, videos, compressed folders, and Program files as long it’s not above 8 MB

There are many ways to share a file larger than 8 MB on Discord. I will thoroughly explain various  methods on how to get around the Discord file size limit

1. Compress Image To Reduce the File Size

Compressing your Image can help reduce the file size by more than 70%. The image quality of the compressed image will be almost 99% the same as the original one.

Technically, you can upload an image with an original size of up to 56 MB after you compress the image.

Besides reducing the file size, compressing images will delete unnecessary tracing data that can harm your privacy. 

If someone else shares your image, no one on the Discord server will know that you originally uploaded the image

Follow these steps to compress your image

  • Open your Web Browser
  • Open this website:
Tinyjpg Drop your WebP, PNG or JPEG files here
  • Click the “Drop Your WebP, PNG, JPEG files here” box
Upload file to Tinyjpg
  • Choose a file and click Open
  • Wait until the compression end
Download compressed image from Tinyjpg
  • Click the “Download” button to download the compressed image
  • Upload your compressed image on Discord 

2. Compress Video To Reduce the File Size

You can compress your video using a free video compression website.

Beware that compressing video will reduce the video quality and resolution. Compressed video will look blurry to other people

Follow these steps to compress your video

  • Open your Web Browser
Compress video file on Convertfile
  • Open and click “Choose File”
Adjust compression value
  • On the “Advanced settings” menu, adjust the Target size percentage until the file size is below 8MB. For example, If your image is 16 MB, then adjust it to 50%
Click Compress now
  • Click the “Compress Now” Button
  • Wait until the compression end
  • Click the “Download Videos” button to download the compressed video

After compressing the large video files, you can send the video on Discord

3. Use Imgur to share your image and video

Imgur is a popular website for sharing your image and video. You can store up to 200 MB in size for free on Imgur

Discord will directly embed your Imgur link. Posting your Imgur link on Discord will automatically show the image or video without opening the link.

Follow these steps to create an Imgur account and share the files on Discord through Imgur:

  • Open your Web Browser
  • Open this website:
Sign up on Imgur
  • Click Sign Up on the top right corner of the screen
  • You can choose to sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google Accounts to create your account on Imgur
  • After creating an account, click New Post Button 
  • Choose a photo or video file
  • Click the Grab Link button and copy the link
  • Paste the link on Discord

4. Use Google Drive to Share Your File

Google Drive lets you save your files on your Google account.

Here are the steps to save files on Google Drive and share it on Discord:

  • Open your Web Browser
  • Go to Google Drive using Google search or using this link:
  • Log in with your Google account
Click File Upload on Google Drive
  • Click the +New button and choose “File Upload” to upload a file to Google Drive. You can choose “Folder Upload” to share all files in one folder
  • Click Enter or “Open”
  • Wait until the upload process ended
Get Link on Files uploaded to Google Drive
  • Right-click your files on Google Drive and click the “Get Link” button
Allow everyone to open your link on Google Drive
  • On General Access, Switch Restricted to Anyone with link
  • Copy the Google Drive link and paste the link on Discord

Besides using Google Drive, you can use Mega or iCloud to share your files for free

5. Buy Discord Nitro Subscription

Discord Nitro subscription can increase the file size limit up to 500 MB

Besides increasing the upload file size limit, discord Nitro also provides various perks like custom emojis, two free server boosts, and animated profile avatars

Discord Nitro plan is not cheap to buy, priced at $99 a year or $10 a month. Even though you get a discount by purchasing yearly, consider carefully before buying Discord Nitro

Follow these steps to buy a Discord Nitro subscription:

  • Open Discord
  • Click User Settings on the bottom left corner
  • On the Billing Setting section, click the “Nitro” tab
  • Click “Subscribe”
Buying Discord Nitro Yearly with a discount
  • Choose between a Yearly or Monthly plan, and click “Select”
  • Choose your payment type. I recommend using PayPal for safer and quicker transaction
  • Follow the payment process until the end

You will get an email that tells you have successfully subscribed to Nitro

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6. Boost a Discord Server

According to the Discord FAQ, Boosting a Discord server can increase the file size limit to all members on the server.

Boosting is basically donating to a Discord server. This option is more expensive compared to having a Discord Nitro subscription, so I don’t recommend choosing this option

Follow these steps to Boost a Discord server

  • Open Discord
  • Open the server you want to boost
Click Boost this Server button on Discord
  • On the left panel, click the “ Boost this server” button
server boost benefit notification
  • You can see the current level of the server, and what is the next perk you will get for boosting the server
  • You will need seven server boosts to get the server to level 2. Choose how much server boost you want to pay for the server, and click continue
  • Select Paypal as the payment type
  • Complete the transaction process until the end

You don’t need to pay for seven server boosts because other members can also boost the server.

As long the total number of server boosts is more than 7, all members on the server can share files up to 50 MB in size

If a Discord server has more than 14 server boosts, it will upgrade the server to level 3. At the level 3 server, all members on the server can share a file up to 100 MB in size

7. Join Boosted Discord Server

If you don’t want to pay for having a Nitro subscription or boosting the server, then you can consider joining a boosted Discord server

Just like I explained above, as long as the server level is 2, all members can share files up to 50 MB in size. If the server level is 3, all members can share files up to 100 MB in size. 

You need to join a public server with more than seven server boosts

Explore Public Server on Discord

On the Discord app, click “Explore Public Server” and choose a popular server with more than ten thousand members. The more member a server has, the higher the level of the server will be

After finding a popular server, you can send a file with a size of up to 100 MB. You can leave the server after sharing the file

But don’t forget that other users on the same server can access and download your files. Never upload private and important files on a Discord server


This article explained seven methods on how to bypass Discord file size limitations. Following the steps above, we hoped our method can help you share your files on Discord without purchasing a Nitro subscription.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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