The Biggest Twitch Donation in History (Updated 2021 List)

Donation on Twitch has always been celebrated on every stream

CouRage won $70,000 from MrBeast

If the amount of money donated is significant, the donation could be recorded on the history of Twitch

The Biggest Twitch Donation in History

Most donations on Twitch came on a small number of $5 to $100. Because there is no direct benefit from giving a donation, most Twitch users prefer to subscribe to the streamer’s channel and give a subscription to other viewers instead of donating when they want to support the streamer

But even though giving a donation is less prevalent on Twitch, there are certain times when a streamer gets an incredible amount of money from it.

On YouTube, maybe you have been hearing MrBeast donating huge amount of money to other Youtubers. You can read our list written after deep research of the biggest donation ever on Twitch. You might be surprised that you know some of the names on our list

The list goes in the order of from least to highest amount of money donated

1. Cau7ion $5,000 donation his Apex Legends Stream

Cau7ion recieved $5000 donation on Twitch stream

Cau7ion is one of the earliest streamers on Twitch. Cau7ion is mostly known for playing Apex Legends and Valorant on his stream

Cau7ion receive a historical donation during one of his Fornite streams. He received a $5000 donation from a Twitch user named MonosEnFuego

After searching Twitter, we can confirm that donation from MonosEnFuego to Cau7ion is real and not he doesn’t receive a chargeback request

2. CouRageJD $10,000 donations from MrBeast

CourageJD or Jack Dunlop started his career as a caster of  Call of Duty e-sport event. Then he moved out from MLG into Twitch as a streamer and then became a YouTuber in his later career.

Many fans see him as one of the biggest streamers and gamers on Youtuber. But when he was just started streaming, he struggles to get viewers on his Twitch channel. But CouRage doesn’t give up, and he keeps streaming every day. He managed to get a $10,000 donation from MrBeast, which managed to propel his streaming career upward and become one of the co-owner of 100 Thieves alongside ValkyRae

3. SpaceLyon $30,000 Donation from MrBeast

Spacelyon get $30,000 donation from MrBeast

SpaceLyon received a total $30,000 donation from MrBeast during his Fornite stream

On MrBeast YouTube video with the title “I Donated $30,000 To A Random Twitch Streamer (world record)”, he explained the reason why he liked to watch SpaceLyon Fornite stream. SpaceLyon was known as one of the best Fortnite players, and his stream is usually calm without any hint of malding at all

The first donation was only in the amount of $1000. When SpaceLyon realized that he got a donation from MrBeast, he quickly celebrated the moment and thanking MrBeast (with some daddy joke)

But the happy moment doesn’t stop here. MrBeast sends his next donation in the amount of $5000. Remember that Twitch was not as popular as now, so $5000 is a huge number when the YouTube video was released. SpaceLyon joked that $5000 is the amount of money on his bank account

Then MrBeast sends $10,000 and $14,000 to SpaceLyon. So the total money of MrBeast donated to SpaceLyon is $30,000

4. Ninja $50,000 donation from MrBeast

Ninja get trolled by MrBeast on his $50,000 donation Fortnite game

Every Fortnite player knows who Ninja is. Ninja is a popular Fortnite streamer that makes history as one of the wealthiest gamers in the world based on Forbes

On a live charity stream, Ninja managed to receive a total donation of $158,000. A third of it only came from one person. Yes, you guessed it right, MrBeast donated $50,000 to the charity team

What’s funny in this stream is that every time MrBeast donated $250, Ninja must throw his weapon. If MrBeast donated $500, Ninja must lose his material. The $1000 donation make Ninja game much harder because he can’t use healing on the game

The interaction between MrBeast and Ninja, as both are leading figures in the online entertainment industry on YouTube and Twitch, is really interesting to watch

5. CouRageJD 2nd donation with the amount of $70,000

CouRage win the $70,000 Fortnite match

This is another donation to CourageJD that came from MrBeast and Minimister. MrBeast and Minimister contact CouRage that if he wins his next Fornite match, he will get a huge sum of money.

This is not a private deal because other streamers also get the same offers. If they win their next Fornite match, they can also get the prize.

But there is a restriction, they must go Solo. So they can’t form a team to win the prize. And if they lose, then the offers will be transferred to the next streamer

As each streamer failed to win the match, the prize money keeps growing to $70,000. Then MrBeast donated $8 on the CouRage stream and told him he will win $70,000 if he wins his Fortnite game

Courage almost loses the competition because he was only left at 16 health on the last storm circle. After fighting the last 5 on the storm circle, he managed to win the game and get a donation of $70,000 from the competition

The legendary Fortnite stream was later uploaded by CouRageJD on his YouTube channel to celebrate the moment

6. ExoticChaotic $75,000 donation from KingMascot

ExoticChaotic, a Fortnite streamer, received a donation of 75,000 from his fellow streamer, KingMascot.

After being interviewed by Kotaku, it comes to light that KingMascot is a successful Bitcoin investor and a Twitch streamer. KingMascot give the donation to help ExoticChaotic because he was at a difficult time financially

Donations between streamers rarely happen, especially in the amount of $75,000. So this story managed to create a history on Twitch.

Maybe some of you envy the luck of KingMascot, but for me, ExoticChaotic is the lucky one. He has a great friend that willing to help him in a difficult time

This is the single largest donation ever on Twitch (technically, because the next list doesn’t come from Twitch or YouTube user).

7. DrLupo’s $1,000,000 donation from Twitch

DrLupo, the once-popular Fortnite streamer, raised over $2million on a 24-hour charity stream. The charity stream was intended to be donated toward St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At first, his target for the charity stream is $2million. But as the 24-hour stream goes by, he can only manage to raise $1.3 million. When the charity stream almost ended, DrLupo received a gift from Twitch. When he opened the gift, he unveiled a $1 million check from Twitch

Thanks to Twitch’s $1 million donation, DrLupo managed to achieve his $2 million goals. When the charity stream finally ended, he raised a total of $2,339,943.53 during his stream

The gift from Twitch itself goes down as the biggest stream donation in history. Some may argue that this is not true because this is a charity stream, and the money came from Twitch. But well, the $1 million support from Twitch will always be remembered

The charity stream was later uploaded on DrLupo Youtube channel

Disclaimer about this list:

This list doesn’t include the donations from MrBeast to some small streamers that later uploaded on his YouTube channel (because it’s too many).

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