Want To Be a Popular Gaming YouTuber? This Is the Best Game to Stream as a YouTuber in 2022!

Choosing the best game you should play and stream on YouTube is hard. If just started, you will be confused by the infinite amount of game you can play and record on YouTube. But don’t be fooled, if you choose a dead game, nobody will watch your YouTube Channel

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Becoming a popular YouTuber is such a sweet dream. Seeing successful YouTubers with a million-dollar income, many believe that a Youtuber is a promising and easy job. All you have just to do is sitting and doing what you love. Youtuber is like a dream job for many teenagers and young adult

Yes, who doesn’t love to play games? Because playing game is fun. The same goes also for watching people playing games, it is fun. Especially when the gamer has a good personality and nice to watch. 

Just like how you starting your own business, to become a gaming Youtuber you also need a plan. You need to choose which game is the best game to stream as YouTuber. You don’t want to play a dead game that nobody will watch.

We understand that sometimes finding the right video game to grow your channel can be a very difficult task especially if you’re new to YouTube and don’t have many followers.  The thing is, instead of waiting and searching which one is the game and when you should stream, you should immediately stream.

Here is the list of recommendations of the best game you should play as a YouTuber, updated for 2022.

Guide on how to choose the best game to grow your YouTube channel

  1. The game needs to be popular enough

Playing a dead game won’t grow your channel. Maybe you can get loyal followers from a game with a small community, but beware that you can lose those followers when you change your game

2. It’s not hard to play

Unless you are already a veteran gamer, you will always need to learn the game every time you play a new type of game. You will need an immerse dedication for playing a complex game like LoL. It will be hard to get followers if your skill at the game is no different from beginners

List of the Best Game to Stream as a YouTuber in 2022!

The best game you should choose to stream in order based on popularity

  1. Minecraft
  2. Fortnite
  3. League of Legends
  4. Grand Theft Auto V Online
  5. Valorant
  6. Dota 2
  7. Apex Legends
  8. Dead by Daylight
  9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  10. Hearthstone
  11. Among us
  12. Raft
  13. Phasmophobia
Game Difficulty & YouTube Popularity Easy To LearnHard to Learn
Easy to gain followerMinecraft, Among Us, Hearthstone, GTA V OnlineLoL, Fortnite, Valorant
Hard to gain followerApex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Raft, PhasmophobiaDota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1. Minecraft

Minecraft Game

Minecraft was released in 2009 but it remains a popular game. Everyone knows about this game. The freedom that this game gives to the player makes this game still retain the position of one the most popular game This game allowing players to have a large amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game, do you want to survive or creative. Not only that, the multiplayer mode that allows you to play together with a friend or even a stranger on a server is one of the charms of this game

Minecraft is a massive sandbox game with unlimited possibilities. With the countless amount of blocks to choose from, you can build anything you want as long you are creative and patient enough.

A team of players managed to build a replica of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night city. It takes 1.5 years to build. This is the proof of unlimited possibility in Minecraft

Most gaming YouTuber have played this game, even the most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie

Popular Youtuber that plays Minecraft: DanTDM, PewdiePie, Ali-A-, Mumbo Jumbo, and Dream

2. Fortnite

Fortnite Game

I know what you all thinking. Many hate Fortnite because of having a player base majority consist of children and the cringy dance. But, Fornite has a good game design and fun to play

Fortnite combines the element of battle royale from PUBG and the element of the creative building from Minecraft. Combined, it creates an intense survival game with many ways creatively to survive.

You can have the best aim in the world, but the enemy will build a fortress around you and shot you from above. It’s not just a normal shooter game and the appeal of design make Fortnite popular to the younger audience

This game is hard to play but if you’re really good at aiming and building, you can gain many followers by playing Fortnite

Popular Fortnite Youtuber: Ninja, SypherPK, Tfue 

3. League of Legends

League of Legend Game

League of Legends is one of the most popular games out there. It’s not the earliest MOBA but for sure the most popular MOBA game.

But I don’t recommend playing this game


Because LoL has a high skill ceiling. Dota 2 Player may argue that LoL is the most casual MOBA out there. But a Moba game, with all the mechanics, it’s not a game for a beginner

Especially if you’re a beginner YouTuber. You won’t have time to learn the game

A bitter truth to swallow, people won’t watch you if your rank is only silver. The most popular YouTuber and Twitch Channel on LoL are either Pro Player or streamers that have a huge fan base. Even then, their skill is at least Diamond and they already play for more than 5 years

If you’re a new LoL player, I don’t recommend focusing on LoL as your YouTuber career

Not only that, LoL has one of the most toxic communities in online games. Your fans won’t like it if you are getting harassed by your enemy or even teammate during a match

But still, considering LoL popularity, I still place it at number 3. I recommend playing LoL if you are not a complete beginner in the MOBA genre. Since LoL is a team game, it’s better if you play together in a team with fellow YouTuber and streamers as a strategy to get more views and followers

Popular League of Legends Youtuber: Faker

4. Grand Theft Auto V online

GTA V online

GTA V Online is still a very popular game, especially on  YouTube. It’s a very good choice for YouTubers who want to create a community from it. The main things about streaming with this game are not about the story through the game, but how you interact with each other

Grand Theft Auto V online server is also a place where you can collaborate with another streamer, get to know each other and make some projects together for increasing your viewer.  There are many online servers in GTA V. Private servers like GTA V roleplay server is popular among YouTubers and streamers. They can act as workers, police, dealers or robbers and interact with other content creators

You can choose your own gameplay. You can become the funny person who will do silly things and make comedy throughout your stream, or become a cool streamer who performs various mind-blowing tricks with the vehicles.

Popular GTA V online Youtuber: Techno Gamerz, Total Gaming, MrBossFTW, GTASeriesVideos and Sykkuno

5. Valorant

Valorant Game

Valorant is a new game, released by Riot Games, developer of League of Legends. Valorant is a hybrid FPS and MOBA type of game.

This game is heavily inspired by CS: GO, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch.

You will get the hard mechanic aspect of the FPS game from CS: GO.

Each Agent has a different set of skills, which is borrowed from Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.

Currently, Valorant is one of the most popular FPS game, even though it’s just released

Since it’s a new game, new streamers can benefit by becoming the veteran of this game

But, since the hard mechanic is similar to CS: GO, despite having unique skills from each agent, you still need to have good aim accuracy. A headshot can easily win the game, without having you use any of your skills.

If you’re a veteran FPS player, I recommend you to play Valorant. The community is big, you can get more viewers and followers by playing a new popular game like Valorant. Valorant will surpass CS: GO, just like how LoL surpasses DOTA and Fortnite surpass PUBG. A game with cartoonish design and simpler gameplay is a recipe for success

Don’t miss the Valorant train if you’re an avid FPS player

Popular Valorant Youtuber: Shroud (Yes, he moved from CS: GO), Flexninja, Hiko

6. Dota 2

Dota 2 Game

Dota 2 is a famous MOBA game and successor of popular modded Warcraft 3 Map, Defense of The Ancient. I think I don’t need to explain this game since everyone knows about this game, especially if you’re an LoL player with the rivalry between of two-gaming community

Just like my LoL recommendation on above, I don’t recommend playing this game

Why ?

Dota 2, like LoL is a game that heavily emphasizes on game mechanics. Dota 2 has more mechanics than LoL and Dota 2 hero is generally more complex to learn than LoL.

No, I know what you’re thinking.

But the new LoL champion has a more complex mechanic on it!

 I disagree, most new LoL champion is unnecessary complex just because their want to add a unique description for the champion skill to differentiate with the old champion. If you dig most older champions, many new champions basically a better version of older champions. And it’s always OP at launch, so they can sell the hero and skin at a high price.

Since Dota 2 is more complex than LoL, beginners will find it very difficult to learn all the mechanics at first. It requires a lot of time and hardwork to be able to play Dota 2 really well unless you’re really that talented. But even then, by that time, how much time you will spend on the game? Will it worth the effort?

DOTA 2 community is also smaller than LoL. Most Dota 2 streamers, is either Immortal player (Highest rank Dota 2 player) or Professional player (Of course they’re also immortal). You won’t find success streaming and playing Dota 2 on YouTube and Twitch. It has fewer viewers than LoL and most pro players already take them. It’s a harder market than LoL.

Now, if you’re already an LoL player but search for a better community, I still recommend keeping Dota2 on your mind. You can always switch to Dota 2 if you want to have some fun and just play the game that you just LOVE! But if you wanna make a Youtube career out of it, make sure you can reach Immortal in 2 years. 2 Years is a short time to learn MOBA game

Popular Dota 2 Youtuber: Dota 2 WTF, SingSing, Purge, Gorgc, BSJ

7. Apex Legends

Apex Legends Game

Apex legends were the new contender of the Battle Royale game, and indeed it’s a successful one. When Apex Legends was launched, many gamers believe that this will replace PUBG and Fortnite. While Fortnite position still retained, many frustrated PUBG player moved to Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a hard game to play. It’s not as simple as FPS and TPS battle royale game on PUBG. You need to learn beyond shooting the enemy. In Apex legends, each Legend has a different set of skills. So it’s a combination of battle royale and MOBA, similar to Valorant.

But the beauty of the Battle Royale game is your viewers will never expect you to survive at the end

You can team up with other streamers and YouTubers, chat together and making funny jokes while you play.

8. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight game

Dead by Daylight is one of my favorite games. You have to admit that game like Valorant and Fortnite is a colorful game with pretty animation, but Dead by Daylight is the opposite.

Dead by Daylight is a 4 vs 1 horror game where you have to protect yourself from the killer while finding clues, items, survivors, generators to build traps for the killer.

The game itself is not hard to learn. It’s essentially a horror game with hide and seek element. Both the killer and survivor are real player, not a computer, so no matter what role you get, you need to strategize to win

Dead by Daylight is a perfect game for streamers and YouTubers. You can play with other streamers, or even with your viewers

It’s up to you what is your gameplay

Will you plan carefully so you can get a guaranteed win?

Or you can even let the survivor go after they escape, by telling him that he needs to lead where his teammate is, to survive. Will he betray his fellow survivor?

Your viewers will love the psychological aspect of Dead By Daylight

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO game

CS: GO, the successor of the popular Counter-Strike is one of the most popular FPS online games.

It’s hardcore FPS with a high skill ceiling. Don’t expect that because you can kill using a shotgun at far range in Call of Duty you can also do that in CS: GO.

I don’t recommend playing this game for the same reason I don’t recommend LoL and Dota 2. It’s hard to learn and the community becomes smaller thanks to cheater and hacker even though Valve already makes the game free. Focusing on Valorant or Minecraft is a better choice for most YouTuber

If you are an FPS fan, this is a good game to try. This game has been around for many years now so it has a very big player base. Also, it’s free.

10. Hearthstone

Hearthstone Game

We are going back into the simple arcade game card. This time is the game called Hearthstone. Some of you maybe recognize this game from its creator Blizzard Entertainment, who has brought us the game like Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo.

Easy to say that Hearthstone is a collectible card game like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic The Gathering, which means the game usually played only between two opponents. Hearthstone is not a difficult game to play. Your goal is to reduce your opponent’s health to zero before they can do the same to you by using their cards

The game is free-to-play but has a pay-to-win element. Relax, the pay-to-win aspect of Hearthstone is balanced, which makes it very appealing for many players.

Yes, you can use your credit card to purchase a card pack

However, you will have access to all the heroes and most of the cards in the basic set without paying any money since every week a new expansion set rotates into the basic set as part of the normal gameplay.

So you can win as a free-to-play player

The game itself is very popular, you need to be good or very lucky during streaming so that you can gain many viewers. Since this game only 1 vs 1, it will be very hard to collaborate with other streamers and YouTubers.

Popular hearthstone streamers like Hafu and Disguised Toast also moved to Among Us because of various Blizzard policies that most fan community hate

Popular Hearthstone Youtuber: Disguised Toast, Hafu

11. Among Us

Among Us Game

Ah everyone knows about this game. This game become popular during the pandemic. It’s become viral and most YouTubers and Twitch streamers already play it . Even PewDiePie also play it

Among Us, by design is the best game for streamers and YouTubers. It’s easy to play. No need to learn. Just simply hiding and doing your task if you’re the crewmate and strategizing, killing and lying if you’re the imposter

Among is a content magnet game. It’s easy to create a video that will draw your viewer’s eye.

10 players in Among Us means there are 10 YouTubers or streamers that can play together in Among Us match. The game is usually short, last only 10-15 minutes, more time to create your YouTube videos

Disguised Toast, the most popular Among Us YouTuber and Facebook Gaming streamers can easily get 3 million viewers every time he uploads his Among Us video on YouTube.

Not only that, the modding community is big in this game. You can play with roles other than crewmate and Imposter. Wanted to be Jester who win when voted out? Or you wanted to be a Sherriff, a crewmate that can kill the imposter? Anything is possible in modded Among Us

Among us is one of the most addictive games out there, especially if you have friends to play this with.

12. Raft

Raft game

If you like Minecraft, then you may also like Raft. It’s a game of survival. At the start of the game, you are immediately presented with a view of the sea… Yes… the middle of the ocean.

Fortunately, each player is equipped first handedly with a hook and that hook can help you to catch objects you can use out of the water. 

There is danger of raft that get swept away by the current and eaten by wandering shark. So there is a risk and reward system in this game

Raft is a simple game that you can easily collaborate with other YouTubers and streamers. It’s not as good as Among Us in my opinion, because this game feels slow, which can bore your viewers

13. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia game

Phasmophobia is a horror indie game. Many people misunderstood the main objective of the game. The main objective of the game is not to defeat the ghost, but to identify the ghost by gathering many information of the ghost. 

It’s like playing a detective game, you acted as a paranormal investigator, collected many information about what’s going on, and then decide which ghost type there is.

Every player can communicate through a voice channel, but it is also possible to do it through another Voice App such as Discord. But of course, if you want the game to be more challenging, then we recommended you playing just using the in-game voice channel.

Phasmophobia is a good choice for YouTubers that aim to play a horror game. Horror game has many fans but small competition on YouTube

Verdict on the best game

In conclusion that if you wanted to be a successful Gaming YouTuber, you need to balance your skills in playing the game and how you interact with the viewer. If you haven’t got any viewer and follower, we suggest you playing Minecraft or Among Us 

What do you think? Can all these games help you to become a Gaming Youtuber? Game is just a small piece that matter for you channel. Your personality, speaking skill and editing can help you more than your gaming skill

Becoming a Gaming Youtuber is not easy path succeed. The difficulty lies not only because you have to be a good gamer but also how you bring the audience into your way of playing the game.

We already give you a hint of which game is the best for you. We see from two sides of perspective; one is from the new YouTubers and the other is for you who already veteran gamers. Then, it is up to you now. Happy streaming!

Philip Maynan is a hobbyist streamer and digital artist. What he loves most are writing, gaming, and drawing. Currently, he focuses on blogging and learning digital art.

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